Collaborating on the new user experience

The new user experience (NUE) crosses the bounds of several teams’ ownership areas. For example, a visitor to the product may view the home page, search several times, learn about Code Insights and then sign up for the product. Throughout this journey, they should be informed as to the major functionality and use cases of Sourcegraph as well as how to use each feature.

No one team or organization can effectively own this entire experience, so careful collaboration will be required to avoid duplication of efforts and help our users find success with Sourcegraph.

Cloud responsibilities

Growth & Integrations

The Growth team will own the initial journeys of both new unauthenticated and authenticated users take to discover key functionality and use cases. Typically these journeys will provide an introduction to major product differentiators and features that factor heavily in user activation and retention. This includes the unauthenticated homepage, product tour and/or quick start flows, sign-up flows, and the post sign-up flow.

From time to time, the Growth team will need to alter these user journeys to accommodate advances in product functionality.

While comprehensive training on individual product features is the domain and responsibility of the team that owns that feature, Growth is a critical stakeholder and participant in developing artifacts for new users as part of their initial journey in adopting Sourcegraph.

At times, the broad nature of the Growth team’s mandate will require that it work within other teams’ domains. When this need arises, the Growth team will work with the impacted team by contacting the PM to request reviews of artifacts such as product documents, RFCs, and designs. Additionally, engineers from the affected team should be added as reviewers on any resulting PRs.

Code Graph responsibilities

Search Core, Search Product, Batch Changes, Code Insights, and Code Intelligence will own user education for their specific product areas. They will collaborate within Code Graph to promote feature discovery in places like search results, repository pages, and other areas of the application where integration opportunities exist.