We strive to make the following true:

  • The team is working on the most important things on our strategy, and that it is communicated well both inside and outside of Sourcegraph.
  • Each teammate has the customer and product context needed about customer problems, likely future priorities, possible solutions, etc. to perform their work effectively.


You can reach us at the #product channel or @product-team on Slack. If you have ideas you want to pass on to the product team, check out the surfacing product feedback page.

Roadmap & Strategy

Product team

Feature matrices


Product team initiatives

The product team takes on special initiatives that are not strictly tied to product delivery and they are tracked in GitHub.

To create a new initiative, go to the new issue screen for the engineering-tracker repo and choose Product Initiative; this will ensure it gets the correct label to be included in the search above.

Product/design sync

The product and design team meets weekly to discuss the most important cross-team product topics that need synchronous conversations. See the logistics and working agreements.



A list of deprecated documents and processes that we keep for historical reasons.