The #feedback-dogfood channel

The #feedback-dogfood channel is a community focused on surfacing, discussing, and acknowledging product feedback and use cases from Sourcegraph teammates. “Dogfood” refers to using a product we build (in this case, Sourcegraph products) in our workflows.

Our company is made of developers building developer tools. Nobody is more available to provide immediate, honest, and direct feedback to improve our product than ourselves. Our vision on how well we improve each of the 5 use cases for our customers certainly applies to us internally at Sourcegraph.


Create a larger shift in the company towards using our own products at Sourcegraph and in so doing, result in better internal understanding of Sourcegraph products, better empathy with our users, and ultimately better products built.

How to participate

Anyone is welcome to participate, no matter what team or department you are in! Feedback about any part of Sourcegraph is also welcome, whether it be product features, thoughts about the user interface, or documentation. To get started, all you need to do post a message in the #feedback-dogfood channel. If you know which specific team might own actioning a particular piece feedback, you can also cross-post the message to the team’s channel, but this is entirely optional.

To help track the progress of discussions, we encourage the use of Slack emoji reactions on the message:

  • tick (✅) to indicate the feedback has been resolved (e.g. fixed in the product, or a clarification has been made to clear the confusion)
  • link (🔗) to indicate the feedback has been tracked (e.g. an issue has been created or found that tracks work on the feedback)
  • upvote to indicate that you agree with the feedback (e.g. you feel similarly, or have run into the issue before)
  • ack to indicate the feedback has been acknowledged (e.g. seen and read by a teammate who owns the product the feedback is about)