Code Exploration team

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The Code Exploration team’s mission is to make Sourcegraph the best user interface to explore and read code in the world.




The Code Exploration team owns the core Sourcegraph code exploration UI, which includes the following vertical areas:

  • Repository routes
    • Revision selector
    • Breadcrumbs
    • Blob view
      • Hover popup
      • Sidebar
        • File tree
        • Symbols sidebar
      • Bottom panel
        • Reference panel
        • History panel
      • Actions toolbar
      • Fuzzy finder
      • Blame view
    • Repository/directory landing pages
    • Diff views
      • Compare page
      • Commit page
    • Contributors page
  • Integrations
    • IDE extensions
    • Browser extensions
    • Native code host integrations

We take responsibility over the following horizontal concerns:

  • The navigation experience between pages and general interaction with the browser
  • General performance of the webapp (e.g. how we do data fetching)
  • General keyboard accessibility of the webapp (global keyboard shortcuts)
  • General customizability of the webapp (e.g. theming, shortcuts)

As the largest frontend team, we also recognize our responsibility to be a steward of our web platform and the cross-team Frontend Crew.


Weekly sync

We hold a weekly sync with notes and pre-filled agenda in our team sync notes doc. Ask in #code-exploration if you’d like to make a guest appearance to discuss something! All meetings are recorded and posted automatically to #code-exploration-internal.


Every teammate configures their Roots PTO Slack app to add our team calendar as an additional calendar (and disables adding their manager directly to the calendar invite) so that their PTO is visible to their team.

Calendar ID: