Code Insights go-to-market resources

This is the source of truth list of go-to-market resources for the sales, customer engineering, and marketing teams.

Sales and customer engineering

Code Insights enablement training internal

In the Google drive folder: the zoom recording, the slide deck, and the followup Q&A.

This is an exhaustive resource from March 2022 containing all you need to know to effectively generate, demo, support, and close Code Insights sales, including:

  • Code Insights to Use Case mappings
  • Discovery questions
  • Demo paths
  • Demo tips
  • Objection handling
  • Competitive market overview
  • Business Value drivers
  • Interpreting usage stats
  • Pricing
  • Closing sales

Individual instance usage dashboards

Per-instance dashboard to see detailed usage. This loom video explains how to interpret this data.

Customer-facing Code Insights pitch slides

You can use these as a starting point for Code Insights presentations.


Free tier of Code Insights

Primary pricing document for AEs internal

The go-to place when you need to price Code Insights for a proposal: includes how to price, common FAQs, and a running list of closed sales.

Full pricing logic internal

The full deep dive into the justifications behind the pricing.

Analysis of closed sales through .

How to demo Code Insights on public prospect repos

If you want to run Code Insights over a public prospect’s repo, follow these steps to connect those repos to Since it’s unlikely you’re a site admin on, you can tag @ce-sdr-collab in the #CE channel to ask them to temporarily connect the repos you need. Note: you should ensure you use and not

Book the PM to help set up insights

To book the product manager to help a customer or prospect set up insights, or to understand in what situations that’s useful.


Quick list of how Code Insights maps to Use Cases

Specific engineering team persona talking points and examples

Product marketing brief internal

An overview of the target audience, problem, solution, and go-to-market strategy.

How Sourcegraph uses Code Insights: case study blog post landing page landing page

Announcement blog post from CEO Quinn Slack

Launch FAQ internal

FAQ-style responses to launch-related questions.

April 2022 Code Insights Webinar: How to track what really matters to you and your team