Code insights team completed goals

This page records goals completed by the code insights team historically (started recording in ). See also our current goals.

  1. ✅ Three customers give us qualitative feedback after using our code insights prototypes to guide the initial product strategy.

    • Outcome: We have a list of potential features and their likely value that we can use to achieve our initial adoption milestones (Productboard view).
  2. ✅ We have decided on and implemented metrics to quantitatively measure the adoption of code insights prototypes (see RFC 279).

    • Outcome: We have weekly quantitative reports on the use of code insights at each customer. [TODO: add link to looker dashboard once dashboard is made.]
  3. ✅ Code insights can scale to large (if not the largest) codebases.

    • Outcome: All but the largest customers can use insights prototypes over their entire codebase to answer questions about the state of all of their code, using a timescale DB backend. x