Batch Changes Metrics

We track and report anonymous, non-specific, aggregate metrics from Sourcegraph instances as defined in pings.


We track revenue associated with add-on features in this (private) dashboard.

Key usage metrics

We track key usage metrics in this private Looker dashboard. We also track more granular metrics in this private drilldown looker dashboard.

Are batch changes customers active?number of active batch changes customers / number of batch changes customers
How much value are customers getting out of batch changes?number of batch changes merged
Are batch changes successful?merge rate of batch changes (changesets merged / changesets published)
Is Batch Changes being adopted broadly?Batch Changes MAUs / Sourcegraph MAUs
Time to valueTBD


  • Batch Changes visitors: A visitor who triggers any event happening on a Sourcegraph Batch Changes property in a given month. In practice, we do not track CLI events, so this effectively only includes events in the GUI, or uploading a spec.
  • Batch Changes MAU: A user that has taken an action to create or manage a batch change in a given month. In practice, a user that has previewed, or applied or closed a batch change in a given month. New actions that are added in the future, such as comment, merge, publish will be added.
  • Active Batch Changes customer: A customer is considered as actively using Batch Changes if either:
    • they have created more than 5 batch changes in the last 90 days
    • or, they merged 100 changesets opened by Batch Changes in the last 90 days

Technical note: what is called a MAU here is called a “monthly_contributor” in the pings and what is called a monthly viewer here is called an MAU in the pings.