Code Insights go-to-market resources

This is the source of truth list of go-to-market resources for the sales, customer engineering, and marketing teams.

Sales and customer engineering

Code Insights enablement training internal

In the Google drive folder: the zoom recording, the slide deck, and the followup Q&A.

This is an exhaustive resource from March 2022 containing all you need to know to effectively generate, demo, support, and close Code Insights sales, including:

  • Code Insights to Use Case mappings
  • Discovery questions
  • Demo paths
  • Demo tips
  • Objection handling
  • Competitive market overview
  • Business Value drivers
  • Interpreting usage stats
  • Pricing
  • Closing sales

Demo dashboards on

There are demo dashboards by use case, persona, feature, and overall on for you to use – for example, here’s the generic “popular examples” one and here’s the “[Use case] code health one. You can access them by using the dashboards dropdown – anything in the “Insights Examples” org (all will be in the same section of the dropdown) are perfect for demos, or you can type the name in the dropdown search selector.

Individual instance usage dashboards

Per-instance Code Insights dashboard to see detailed usage. This loom video explains how to interpet the data (first original 2m:30s) and the final most-recently-updated 3m:10s go through how you can determine best next steps and what resources to send your customers.

Overall search aggregation dashboard shows you search aggregations (charts on sidebar of search screen) usage and you can filter it to individual instances. You won’t need this as often but you can see if your customer is using things like the capture group search breakdown or repo/path filters a lot in their search.

Code Insights backfill times dashboard shows you p50/p90/p99 backfill times in seconds for code insights. Use this to determine “are insights unnaturally slow at my customer?” You can compare them to similar customer’s backfill times (make sure to also try to match a similar number of repos at those comparison customers) to get a sense of what “normal” is. Null values show when customers didn’t create/backfill any insights that week.

Common use cases Docs

The main dashboard insights recipes and search results aggregations recipes.

Customer-facing pitch slides

You can use these as a starting point for Code Insights presentations.


Analysis of closed sales through . This can help you determine who to target or when to target customers based on usage data.

How to demo Code Insights on public prospect repos

If you want to run Code Insights over a public prospect’s repo, follow these steps to connect those repos to Since it’s unlikely you’re a site admin on, you can tag @ce-sdr-collab in the #CE channel to ask them to temporarily connect the repos you need. Note: you should ensure you use and not


Customer-facing shareable resources

Internal-only resources