Maintenance and handoff resources

These are resources useful to someone who needs to understand prior context or prior work done by the code insights team.

Usage data

There’s an all-instances looker dashboard and its explainer video, and this instance-specific looker dashboard and its explainer video (handbook link).

This amplitude dashboard which just tracks interactions on

There are also a number of qualitative feedback points customers shared with us that answer “how are customers using code insights: what are their specific queries and use cases” in this productboard note – see the images.

Automated data reports

It’s useful to send weekly Looker reports to Slack to keep an eye on usage data patterns and catch any data or product issues.

We recommend maintaining 1 report to the #code-insights channel that sends the all-instances looker dashboard, and 1 report to the #code-insights-internal or other channel to send the data (this dashboard), as a canary report to see if any data pipelines or pings objects are broken.

Customer calls

We use Chorus to track customer calls. Not sure what happens when a user is deleted, but currently there’s a code insights tracker targeting code insights, insights that runs for all calls. Then, you can get emails or use the Chorus UI to review just calls mentioning code insights. This is extremely valubale, and it’s worth spending even 15-20 minutes a week just hearing how demos and customer conversations are going.

Keep the Go-to-market page up to date

The code insights go-to-market page is the central source of truth for every sales, customer engineering, and marketing related resource. As you see new ones created (new case studies, for example, or new PDFs that mention insights) or create new use case docs pages, please update that page to link to them – we direct sales, customer engineering, and marketing to start there for every question they have!