Google Front End (GFE)

Google Front End (GFE) is reverse-proxy frontend service provided by GCP. The Core Services team operates and maintains the GFE instances that front and various internal services.

Each GFE instance consists of two environments:

Two types of URL mapping semantics are currently supported:

  • Exact URL match: Requests matching the exact URL will be routed to the specified backend
  • Prefix URL match: Requests with a URL prefix will be routed to the specified backend. The longest matching prefix takes precedence

The GFE transparently proxying traffic to Marketing site Netlify deployment and Community Code Search deployment:

Proxy routing is based on the URL mapping (

  • Unless explicitly matched, all traffic goes to the Community Code Search deployment by default.
  • The list of marketing_pages specifies exact URL matches.
  • The list of marketing_folders specifies prefix URL matches.

Environments setup: