Google Front End (GFE)

Google Front End (GFE) is reverse-proxy frontend service provided by GCP. The Core Services team operates and maintains the GFE instances that front and various internal services.

Each GFE instance consists of two environments:

Two types of URL mapping semantics are currently supported:

  • Exact URL match: Requests matching the exact URL will be routed to the specified backend
  • Prefix URL match: Requests with a URL prefix will be routed to the specified backend. The longest matching prefix takes precedence

The GFE transparently proxying traffic to Marketing site Netlify deployment, Sourcegraph Docs v2 Vercel deployment and Community Code Search deployment:

Proxy routing is based on the URL mapping (

  • Unless explicitly matched, all traffic goes to the Community Code Search deployment by default.
  • The list of marketing_pages specifies exact URL matches.
  • The list of marketing_folders specifies prefix URL matches.

Environments setup: