Telemetry Gateway

The Telemetry Gateway service is the service that ingests telemetry v2 events from all Sourcegraph instances, and is available at

Service images

Source code for Telemetry Gateway service is in sourcegraph/sourcegraph/cmd/telemetry-gateway. The image gets built the same way as any other Sourcegraph service, i.e. with insiders, the standard main-branch and main-dry-run tags.

Local development

For local development, please refer to its How to set up Telemetry Gateway locally.


Here is a list of useful quick links:

Infrastructure access

The following Entitle requests are needed to get access to Telemetry Gateway service infrastructure:

All engineers should have access to the dev project by default.


The Telemetry Gateway service infrastructure is defined in sourcegraph/managed-services/services/telemetry-gateway utilizing Managed Services Platform.

Modify deployment manifest

To modify the deployment manifest:

  1. Update service.yaml file
  2. Anywhere in the repository, run sg msp generate telemetry-gateway prod
  3. Stage changes and make a pull request
  4. The Terraform Cloud rolls out changes

Use a different image tag

To specify a Docker image tag other than the default, update the service.yaml:

 - id: prod
     type: manual
+    manual:
+      tag: 218287_2023-05-10_5.0-5bd03cd18e71



The deployment’s Cloud Run metrics overview page provides basic observability into the service provided out-of-the-box by Cloud Run, such as instance count and resource utilization.