Brie McNally

Bio on team page

Hi! I am Brie and I’m a Product Manager for the Delivery team.

Hopefully this document will give you some idea of how I work, which may be interesting and relevant to you if, for instance, we work together (or will soon be working together).

When I work

I live in Denver, Colorado and work specifically in the timezone you might see referred to as

  • Mountain Time
  • Mountain Standard Time (MST)
  • Mountain Daylight Time (MDT

I am generally a morning person and try to be up by during the weekdays. I like to spend my mornings offline before . I use this time for self-care: going to the gym, hiking, walking my dog, reading books, etc. During this time I tend to mute notifications from Slack.

My calendar is my source of truth for hours I will be online as this can vary by day or week. If I adjust my schedule & working hours it will be reflected in my calendar. Please DM me first if meetings need to be scheduled outside of my working hours for the week before scheduling.

I try to reserve Fridays as “No meeting Fridays”, this allows me to regroup from the past week and plan accordingly for the following week. I do not work on the weekends, emergencies permitting, as I reserve this personal time to relax and spend time with friends and family.

Where I work

Most days I work from my house, where I have a private office to work from. On days where I have scheduled a Focus Time block or do not have meetings I try to get out of my house and tend to work from local coffee shops or a WeWork office. Please DM me on Slack if you need to schedule over my Focus Time as I may not be working in a location conducive to hopping on calls.

What I do

As the PM for the Delivery team my day to day job requires me to search out, gather, handle and prioritize customer needs. This requires me to understand and represent user needs, monitor the market and competitive landscape, define product vision, align with stakeholders across the organization, and prioritize features and define functionality.

This type of work requires a lot of focus time coupled with internal and external meetings. If there is something you want to discuss feel free to share with me first in an asynchronous format. If I think the topic requires face-to-face discussion I will schedule some time to meet on your calendar.

Communication style

I like to tackle large problems logically and systematically. When brought into conversations to gather feedback I really like having time and space to think through the issue prior to providing feedback. For this reason I love meeting agendas in advance with links to pertinent documents that can be read prior to the meeting. If I don’t respond immediately during a meeting to answer a question or provide feedback, don’t worry, I am already stewing on my response and I will get back to you once I’ve thought through my response. If I don’t get back to you in a timely fashion and I am blocking you, please send me a nudge on Slack.

I love communicating via Slack if there are quick discussion topics needing immediate feedback or resolution. When discussions become more complex in nature I do prefer meeting 1:1 to make sure we all have alignment. If this is not possible I am happy to collaborate async via Google Docs.

Preferred learning styles

I learn best by reading and writing and my retention for data share this way is much stronger than my verbal/audio retention.

Preferred way to receive feedback

  • Positive Feedback: I do not mind public recognition but simple Slack “thank yous” or emoji recognition are common ways I feel appreciated and valued.

  • Suggestions for Improvements: I much prefer this kind of feedback be given in a 1:1 setting. My door is always open to constructive feedback so we can all learn and grow together. The sooner an area of improvement is identified the faster I (or we) can work together to improve it.

What kind of work do you find easiest to do when (for example, some folks write best at night or can focus more easily in the afternoon)

I tend to have the best focus in the morning. During this part of the day I like to spend my time writing documents and conducting research. I do prefer to have most of my meetings in the afternoon, although I am extremely flexible given the number of timezones our teammates are working from. During the afternoon I will also be most responsive on Slack and responding in documents. If I get behind, I will usually take a few hours after work to read through anything I didn’t get through during the day.

Things I struggle with

As a quiet leader and someone who likes to absorb information before commenting, I tend to be on the quieter side of meetings. I’ve been getting better with this over time and feeling more comfortable speaking out in groups. Because this is something I struggle with I will reiterate that I do best when meetings have clear agenda and pre-reads.

What you find enjoyable at work

I really love helping teams operate more efficiently so we can maintain focus on roadmap commitments while being able to respond to high priority customer. I thrive when a product area lacks ambiguity or requires a stakeholder to come in and drive clarity. I also love decision making through data. If I feel the team is lacking metrics or data to support initiatives I love to collaborate to determine what we can implement to measure our success.

Things I love outside of work

I love all things outdoors: hiking, snowboarding, biking, paddleboarding etc. My husband and I moved to Colorado in 2020 to be closer to activities like these that we love. I also love reading. My personal goal is to read 40+ books this year, and planning on increasing that goal next year. If you have a good book recommendation I’d love to hear it. I have two sisters in Colorado who I am very close with. On my spare time I love spending time with my family, my husband and my dog Colby. I have an obsession with Australian Shepherds. When I need a pick me up I will usually scroll through the #aussiesdoingthings instagram account.