Create GCP Notification for Slack with Terraform

Configure a Slack App

Follow to create a new Slack Bot App.

Ensure you grant the below bot token scopes

  • chat:write: Send messages as @bot
  • chat:write.customize: Send messages as @bot with a customized username and avatar
  • chat:write.public: Send messages to channels @bot isn’t a member of

Install the created Slack app in the workspace

Generate and keep a copy of the Bot User OAuth Token.

You should upload the created token in GCP secret manager.

Terraform stuff

Reference the created secret

data "google_secret_manager_secret_version" "slack_bot_user_oauth_token" {
  project = "sourcegraph"

Configure the notification channel for slack

resource "google_monitoring_notification_channel" "slack" {
  display_name = "Slack"
  type         = "slack"
  labels = {
    "channel_name" = "#some-channel-name"
  sensitive_labels {
    auth_token = data.google_secret_manager_secret_version.slack_bot_user_oauth_token.secret_data

Then you may reference the notification channel in resources like google_monitoring_alert_policy.