Frontend Platform team


Our mission is to empower all users and Sourcegraph frontend developers to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness by enabling and building a first-class web experience.



Find out about the Frontend Platform team’s mission, vision, and strategic plans.


  1. Frontend platform:

    • Creating and maintaining the Wildcard Component Library
    • Owning the Sourcegraph web tech stack, tools, and patterns
    • Providing documentation and training material that enables product teams and new hires to learn how to do web development at Sourcegraph quickly
    • Defining and maintaining how we test and deploy frontend code
    • Ensuring an efficient and reliable frontend CI pipeline
    • Tracking, measuring, and improving cross-cutting frontend metrics like bundle size, Web vitals, etc.
  2. The core user experience of the Sourcegraph product:

    • Accessibility, navigation, and information hierarchy
    • Performance and efficiency of the core UI
    • Some areas of code browsing
    • Sourcegraph application homepage, user settings, and admin pages
    • … And supporting other teams in all of the above

We also maintain the canonical list(s) of frontend devs at Sourcegraph and host the Frontend Crew meeting. For a breakdown of responsibilities across teams, see Engineering Ownership.


For more information on how to contact us for support or raise an issue, please see our processes.


We inherit Sourcegraph’s engineering principles and practices.


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Growth plan

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Tech stack

We use a modern, flexible tech stack. Here are some of the technologies we use to deliver on our goals: