Graph Team

Charter: Create structural and semantic data from unstructured code to provide end-user value.

  • SCIP schema, tooling & upload
  • 8 precise SCIP indexers
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Precise & search based code nav
  • Auto-indexing



Video walkthrough


The Graph team builds tools and services that provide contextual information around code, taking into account its lexical, syntactic, and semantic structure. This includes:

  • An API to provide fast, comprehensive, and accurate answers to important code navigation queries such as Go to Definition and Find References
  • A powerful and flexible language-agnostic model of dependency relationships across projects, repositories, and languages
  • Robust, extensible, and scalable infrastructure to index code across all languages, keep those indexes up-to-date, and efficiently resolve code navigation queries against all indexed code.


  • We see Code intelligence as the glue that sticks the product together, providing a platform for features from navigation to precise powered searches, compiler-accurate batch changes and insights. We aim to provide support for all widely used languages and for the ones we don’t, provide a platform for any developer to add and test their own indexers.
  • In the near term we want code navigation to provide seamless, out-of-the-box, precise code navigation for languages that cover 90% of the market usage.
  • We want our code navigation to reach IDE feature parity, while offering the option of plugging into developers’ favorite IDEs.
  • In the longer term, we envision building a global knowledge graph that accurately maps the entire code universe.
  • Our complete strategy is available at Code intelligence strategy