Architectural Interview

This interview only applies for engineers who apply to IAM team,

The interview consists of open-ended questions, allowing you to describe your mental model of designing a new system from scratch—we want to understand the decisions you are making when designing system architectures. We expect you to ask clarifying questions as the requirements for the system are purposefully ambiguous.

What do we want to learn?

  • How do you identify and resolve ambiguity?
  • How do you make tradeoffs?
  • How do you communicate your proposal?
  • What is it like to work with you on a problem you haven’t seen before?
  • What is your intuition about solutions that are likely to yield good results?

Why? Read the FAQ.


Why do you do an architectural interview?

In certain roles, we expect you to be designing systems that often need to meet conflicting or ambiguous requirements. For engineers in these roles a significant part of their journey in Sourcegraph is going to be designing new or improving existing systems to fit these new requirements. For engineers in these roles to be successful, we are looking for skills, that are best described above in What do we want to learn section.

Why open ended?

Being open ended allows us to dive into multiple different problem areas, based on your responses, skills and abilites. It allows a bidirectional conversation, wich lets us identify the strengths and weaknesses in the design you propose.

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