Delivery Team Processes

How we work

Planning, sync, & retro

We’re currently working in a Kanban style. This gives the team flexibility to handle support work as well as research.

Kanban means we maintain a backlog of work we want to complete, prioritized in such a way that the team picks up the next highest priority task.

  1. Sync meeting is twice a week
  • This meeting is used to keep the team members updated with each others work.
  • Please update the sync document before the meeting.
  • We will go through the items for each person to discuss.
  • This meeting is an appropriate time to prioritize stories and discuss new ones on the board.
  • By default, we make no time-based commitments, instead favouring a balance of strategic (long term) and tactical (short term repsonsive) work
  • This does not (and isn’t intended to) prevent newly identified work from superceding what gets “planned”
  1. Retro (biweekly)
    • A review of what we did for learing and continuous improvement purposes.

Support Rotation

The Delivery team has a weekly support rotation where the Engineer On-Duty will monitor the #delivery channel for questions and escalations, and other ad-hoc tasks. Off-duty team members may be allocated to project work.

More information about the Delivery Team’s Support Rotation can be found here.

An on-call issue should be added to the Delivery board to make sure the work is visible to the team.

Issue tracking

The Delivery GitHub project is the single source of truth. Our Kanban board on GitHub projects consists of the following columns:


These are items that we want to work on in the near future. The likely need some prioritization and additional details before they can be moved to the Ready state.


If you have completed the ticket that you are working on and need your next task, take it from here. These items have been reviewed and are ready to be worked on.

Note: The items in here are ordered by importance where the most important issues are at the top.

In Progress

These are items that are currently being worked on. You should only have a maximum of one development story per person listed in here! On going support stories will also show up here.

In Review

Items in here are waiting on Customer/Internal feedback.


  • We have completed work that needs to also be confirmed and worked on by other teams.


All work on this ticket that needs to be done by the Delivery team has been successfully completed.