Source Strategy & Mission


The Source team provides value for Sourcegraph by ensuring customers can connect and secure all of their code hosts and auth providers to Sourcegraph products.

We believe this is critical for building a long-term defensible value for Sourcegraph as all other code platforms and solutions are focused on individual repos or code hosts. We make Sourcegraph cross-platform and support more than only the most popular code hosts and authentication providers.


The Source team is responsible for the syncing, storing, and securing of code in Sourcegraph’s code AI platform. We are putting the Source in Sourcegraph.

We are building a foundation on which the rest of Sourcegraph stands. No other part of Sourcegraph can work without source code and properly managed access to it.

Source makes Sourcegraph’s code AI platform universal, by allowing it to access the code hosts through the authentication and authorization provider that customers require.

We are building a product for site-admins and a platform for engineers at Sourcegraph.

What we build is reliable, predictable, maintainable, debuggable.

Sourcegraph site-admins trust the tools we build for them. They enjoy using them, because they help them get their job done faster and more easily, with less ambiguity. Our goal is to provide a smooth, intuitive product that just works.

Engineers at Sourcegraph love to use our APIs because they are reliable and never leak: users of our APIs don’t have to worry about how gitserver, repo-updater, authz providers, or anything else works.