Deal Desk

Deal Desk supports Sales on non-standard deal structures, offering collaborative support and guidance on contract components in order to deliver compliant documents:

  • We coordinate internal approvals of paperwork with other internal stakeholders
  • We support Sales throughout the deal closing process
  • We are the primary point of contact for Customer Questionnaires
  • We provide assistance with CPQ requests and Opportunity validations
  • We help address ARR or IARR questions
  • We provide guidance on process and policies inquiries

Communicating with the Deal Desk Team

You can reach out to us through our #deal-desk slack Channel or through our alias:

Deal Desk´s SLA is one business day. Please flag any urgent request or inquiry to ensure appropriate coverage.

Desk Desk process updates and announcements will be communicated via #deal-desk and #sales Slack channels, and support during holidays and PTOs will be announced via the #deal-desk channel.

Resources & Useful Links

  • Deal Desk Training: Please check out our onboarding training to help you understand what Deal Desk does, when to engage us, standard and non-standard terms, Agreements & OF templates and other topics.
  • Deal Playbook: For an overview of each deal structure or program, and suggestions for positioning with your customer.
  • GAAP Revenue Recognition:To understand GAAP Revenue Recognition guidelines, and how these guidelines impact how we structure deals.
  • Refresher Training: For an overview and refresher on processes and policy definitions.
  • Reseller deals: For additional information on our Reseller Program and contract requirements for these deals.
  • Order Form Review Guide: Are you filling out your OF and need help understanding which approvals are required to process your deal? Check out our Deal approval matrix where you will also find different clauses and acceptable terms to add to your contract.
  • CPQ Job Aid: Please visit our DealHub Job Aid Catalog for additional information on how to create quotes, submit them for approval , understand quote statuses, and others.
  • Highspot: Deal Desk Site: For additional training material on Deal Desk topics.
  • Deal Desk FAQs: For common questions we receive in the #deal-desk channel.


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