CaptivateIQ (CIQ) is the software that we use to process and track commissions across the sales organization (with the exception of TA’s and Sales Overlay team members).

CIQ can be accessed from your Okta dashboard. If you feel you should have access and do not see the CIQ tile, please reach out to #ask-it-tech-ops in Slack. If you have any questions or concerns about CIQ, please reach out to the company admin, Samantha Ulrich in Accounting.

Once you login into CIQ you will be able to see all payouts as well as your upcoming estimated payout.

On the top of your screen you will see the navigation bar. This is where you will access most items in CIQ:

My Pay

  • My Payouts - This is where you can see all final and published payout statements
  • My Documents - This is where you will find your plan documents. All plan documents will be sent through Docusign inside CIQ for signature and both you and your manager will have access to these files once completed
  • Inquiries - If you have submitted an inquiry on one of your statements - this is where you will find the conversation between yourself and the company admin
  • Payout Reviews - On the 4th business day of the month, all draft statements will be issued to employees with a request for your review. This is where you will find those draft statements
  • Dashboards - Any dashboard or reporting created by company admins and shared with you, can be found here
  • Tools - This dropdown provides links to the CIQ knowledge center, a helpful resource for employee to learn more about CIQ and how to navigate the platform

Submitting Inquiries

If you come across an error or an issue when reviewing your commission statement, then submitting an inquiry is the best way to get this corrected. Inquiries go to all CIQ admins (Sourcegraph accounting staff), and they will reach out to you within 24 hours to resolve your issue

To submit an inquiry, all you need to do is open the statement in question and on the upper right corner you will see a “submit inquiry” button. Click this and then you will be able to write up the issue and send it to the CIQ admins. You can include screenshots and files as well, anything that you think will help address the issue you see

CaptivateIQ Knowledge and Questions

For more information on CIQ, please see CIQ’s helpful and extensive knowledge base, or reach out to Samantha Ulrich in Accounting for assistance