What is Airbase?

Airbase is an all-in-one spend management and procurement platform. At Sourcegraph we use Airbase for Vendor Onboarding Requests, Purchase Orders, vendor and international contractor invoice processing, vendor and international contractor payments, physical credit cards for our worldwide team, virtual cards for our worldwide team, and expense reimbursements for our US team. Essentially any spend you do on behalf of Sourcegraph will run through Airbase!

Airbase gives our department leads and Finance visibilty into spend in real time on the Airbase platform. Additionally we are able to route all expenses through the proper approvals to make sure we are in compliance for audits.

Vacation or Out of Office Mode: Allow approvers to set up an approval delegate for themselves when going out of office. Once the delegation period starts, all the requests that were meant for the approver will be routed to the delegate. Admins will also be able to set up delegates for users that they know are out of office but forgot to delegate their approvals. Read the help ( center article here to learn more.

Guided Procurement (fka Vendor Setup)

In order for us to be able to evaluate, maintain and monitor vendor relationships to reduce risks, we require everyone to use Airbase when dealing with a vendor engagement. Specific directions on engagement a new vendor, renewal, or simply submitting for a PO for an existing vendor an be found on the Sourcegraph Procurement Policy page.

Airbase Limits

Generally, you should feel free to spend in ways that are in the best interest of the business (see our philosophy in spending company money).

Specific categories of purchases that are listed on the spending company money page (e.g. laptops, home office setup, etc.) do not need to follow the guided proceument approval process. They are pre-approved and can be submitted for reimbursement directly.

However, if you intend to make any other purchase that falls above the limits below, please refer to our Company accounts payable policy.

Airbase Corporate Credit Cards

We offer corporate credit cards for team purchases. We use Airbase, which allows you to receive a physical card, or to use a vendor specific virtual card if desired.

Just contact the finance team if you believe you are eligible for one and would like to have one. By default, the following monthly limits apply, but they can be raised if requested. Please email for any card requests and include your manager for approval (if applicable).

RoleDefault monthly credit limit
Department leads (VP-level or above)$10,000
Managers and Directors$1,000
IC’s (with approval)$500

Physical Credit Cards: For corporate purchases on Airbase cards $25, please provide itemized receipts. As a cardholder you will be responsible for providing the correct expense categories in Airbase and uploading receipts for all purchases. Failure to do so after warnings will result in your card being cancelled. Items purchased on a company credit should not be added to invoices or expense reports. Note that these cards take 7 days to ship within the US and longer for international addresses. These cards are tied to a specific teammate rather than a specific vendor. All charges must be categorized and receipts added by the last day of the month in order to allow us to close the books.

Virtual Credit Cards: Virtual cards are tied to a specific vendor rather than an individual. All recurring software spend should be on a virtual credit card rather than a Physical Credit card. Requests how-to can be found here Request Virtual Cards and Purchase Orders in Airbase

Payments made from virtual cards are made by Sourcegraph, therefore filing an expense report is not required. Receipts for payments made by virtual card should be added directly to the virual card. Directions can be found here Manage Receipts

If you have a purchase that you’d like to explain/clarify post about it in the #finance Slack channel (e.g. if it’s some new system for the team) or email (e.g. if it’s a personal reimbursable expense).

Getting invoices paid

As of April 1, 2022, all spend over $5,000 requires a PO prior to processing the invoices. Failure to have a PO will results in a delayed payment to your vendor.

If you intend to make a purchase that will be paid by invoice (e.g., if it’s too large to pay by credit card), send it to with the vendor’s W-9 (if a new vendor). It is the responsibility of the purchaser to obtain the vendor W-9. Invoices will not be paid without this.

The finance & accounting team will ask any questions as needed, and submit it for payment.