| Metric | Definition | | ------------------------------- | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | — | — | | New Business IARR | IARR from a customer paying for products and/or service for the first time. This includes IARR from customers who may have canceled service in the past | | Expansion IARR | IARR from existing customers. Expansion IARR occurs either via a customer buying more of the same product (up-sell) or a new product (cross-sell) | | Cross-sell IARR | IARR generated from existing customers buying new products | | | | Upsell IARR | IARR generated from existing customers purchasing more of the same product under contract (net of volume discounts, pricing tiers) | | Churn IARR | A decrease in ARR from our existing customer base occurring from either a downsize in commitment or cancellation of a subscription | | Downsize IARR | The negative change in IARR values for customers who spend less money with us but do not cancel | | Cancelled IARR | Decrease in IARR that results in a customer ending their contractual relationship with Sourcegraph | | Customer Count | Number of customers with an active contractual financial commitment at a point in time | | Average Sales Price (ASP) | The average initial contract price per new logo (calculated as New Logo IARR / New Logo Count over a given period). Excludes any service or one time revenue | | Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) | ARR / Total number of committed users in a given period | | Gross Renewal Rate % | The $ amount of ARR renewed divided by the total $ amount of ARR up for renewal in a given period; excluding expansion IARR | | Net Dollar Retention (NDR %) | Dividing ARR balance at the end of a period by the ARR balance of the same group of customers at the beginning of the period, net of downsizes and cancellations and excluding ARR from new customers |