The legal team helps Sourcegraph grow responsibly.

We provide high-quality legal advice to every team. High-quality legal advice at Sourcegraph is:

  • Practical - enables teams to make decisions
  • Efficient - timely and avoids being a bottleneck or slowing down decisions
  • Balanced - given in context and considers priorities, differing viewpoints, and competing interests

We manage the company’s legal risk by anticipating major legal risks and building mitigation plans. Legal risk includes lawsuits and investigations brought by a third party, which can be a customer, competitor, user, teammate, partner, vendor, or regulator. We enable teammates to identify and weigh legal risks, make informed decisions, and accept calculated risks.

We take initiatives that improve all teammates’ experiences working with the legal team.




See our careers page for open roles on the Legal team.


You can reach out to the legal team a few ways:

SLAs: give us about 1 business day to acknowledge receipt and give you an estimated turnaround time. If you don’t hear back from us in about 1 business day, follow up to make sure we saw your request. If your request is time-sensitive, let us know the ideal turnaround time.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions via any of the channels above.

Contract review and signature authority policy

To direct your contracts to the right team or teammate to review, approve, and sign, click here.

Legal training for managers on performance management

Outside counsel

Before reaching out to our outside counsel, check with us first. We may know the answer to your question or may have already started looking into it. Whenever you reach out to outside counsel, cc your legal POC.

What are we up to? FY’22 goals

Objective 1: Enable the business to achieve its growth targets by managing an efficient contracting process while protecting the company

  • Turnaround 100% of customer contract reviews within 5 business days
  • Increase use of online terms by making our online terms more mutual ✅
  • Establish a clear and efficient process for vendor contract reviews in partnership with Finance and other business stakeholders
  • Make signing Sourcegraph’s form NDA easier for customers and other third parties by setting up a Docusign PowerForm ✅
  • Deliver legal enablement trainings proactively on an as-needed basis

Objective 2: Enable the company and its managers to provide teammate experiences that respect teammates’ rights

  • Deliver employment legal enablement training to all managers annually or as part of their onboarding process ✅
  • Build a user-friendly code of conduct that accounts for frequently asked questions by teammates in collaboration with People team, including whistleblower and anti-bribery policies
  • Notify all teammates of their privacy rights in a privacy notice
  • Provide legally compliant offer letters and consulting agreements, compensation plans, and separation agreements

Objective 3: Enable the company to deliver products that respect customers’ and users’ rights and comply with the law

  • Provide contract templates that comply with data protection laws and advise the product and engineering teams on compliance requirements before the launch of Sourcegraph Cloud
  • Provide proactive advice to the business on the company’s data protection obligations
  • Provide proactive advice to the business on the company’s export compliance obligations

Objective 4: Enable the company to grow responsibly

  • Identify and advise on 100% of corporate compliance risks that the company faces including securities laws, disclosure requirements, and international business registrations
  • Secure high-quality legal advice on strategic decisions such as financings, M&A, and international expansion
  • Secure high-quality legal advice relating to teammate equity such as granting, exercising, and selling equity and different types of equity (options vs. RSUs)
  • Provide a signature authority policy

Objective 5: Enable the business to make informed decisions about IP strategy

  • Help the business weigh ways to protect against patent trolls and other infringement suits ✅
  • Keep the business informed about open source license rights and risks ✅
  • Provide a well-managed trademark registration program