Gifting Guidelines

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Branded swag

Welcome to our Gifting Guidelines Page! Have a request to send branded swag as an external gift?* Use the Swag Request Form.

*Requests for branded swag as internal gifts cannot be supported at this time. See our policies for sending internal gifts here.

Note that adding new items to our inventory can take around 8+ weeks if a custom design is being created and applied to the item vs our standard branding and logo applications.

Make sure that you comply with our anti-corruption/anti-bribery policy and reach out to #legal slack channel or with any questions.

Branded swag are lower-cost items with our logo on them. This includes socks, stickers, notebooks, t-shirts and tumblers. It is a great way to thank someone for advocating for Sourcegraph in their company, or to recognize something special that they have done for us or our community. These items are available through Printfection with weight- and location-based global shipping.

All items in our inventory are the same ones found in our new hire kits, but not all of the items are available as user or customer swag due to cost and inventory limits.

Use cases

  • As a thank you gift for attending an event
  • To strengthen the bond after a demo
  • Customers’ who we’d like to make a personal connection with
  • As a welcome gift once a buyer closes a large sale
  • To active community members that have contributed actionable, useful feedback on Sourcegraph products
  • Someone who has advocated for Sourcegraph’s adoption at their current company
  • Those who participated in a Sourcegraph-hosted event as a guest or speaker (virtual chat, panel discussion, podcast, web series guest, and similar)

How to send a gift

  1. Fill in the Swag Requests form. You will need:
  • Name of the recipient
  • Email of the recipient
  • A reason for the request (e.g: Participated as a guest speaker on our web series).
  • Country of destination (not strickly necessary but preferred). Learn more about international shipping here.
  1. The Brand team will review your request. Note: all requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis factoring in current inventory levels and use cases
  2. If your request is approved, you will receive a link from The Brand Team via Slack. Links are sent every Thursday (Swag day!).
  3. Send the link to your recipient. They will redeem their gift and add their own shipping address.
  4. If you would like to get notified when redemptions happen, contact The Brand Team through the #swag channel.

Available Inventory

Recipients will choose one of the following gifts:

Camper Hat$14
Dress socks$16

Special Requests

If you would like to make a special request for swag, contact The Brand Team on Slack.

Available Inventory for Special Requests

Dress socks$16
Fuzzy socks$6
Camper Hat$14
Men’s t-shirt$10
Women’s t-shirt$10

Shipping charges

Printfection’s shipping costs are determined by weight and destination. To get an estimate of total cost you can use our Swag Cost Calculator

Learn more about shipping and fulfillment costs in this article.

Import Fees

Printfection offers international shipping to 213 countries, APO/FPO military addresses, and US territories. The import fees are paid for by Printfection when possible; however, there are times recipients may be required to cover some of the duties or taxes. Please read more about international shipping here.

Find more information about Country Shipping Details in this article

Please use your best judgment and request swag when you need it and it’s in the interest of the company. Remember, Sourcegraph doesn’t have unlimited funds—spend this money as if it was your own. Learn more about Spending Company Money in The Handbook. Budgetary guidelines for individual teams and departments will be provided next year so that teams have higher agency in terms of swag spend.


Do I need my recipient’s address?

No. Printfection’s Giveaway platform will let the customer input their own address when they redeem their gift.

Do I need to have my customer’s size?

No. When using our Giveaway campaign the customer will input their size, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Printfection offers international shipping to 213 countries. Learn more about it here