Field Marketing and Events

Field marketing and events continuously deliver measurable, face-to-face brand awareness and a chance for Sourcegraph to be experienced in “the real world”. Through these events, we build stronger relationships and pipe gen with customers and prospects, and show the power of our product in real-time.

Requesting Sponsorship

We always welcome feedback and suggestions from our cross-functional partners at Sourcegraph. If an idea for an event or opportunity for sponsorship comes across your desk that you’d like us to pursue, please let us know! We will make every effort to sponsor any and all events that align with our company goals.

The best way to nominate an event for consideration is by submitting the Google Form, linked below. Updates around your request will be communicated as we have them in the #events Slack channel. As a reminder, any questions or information not captured here can be dropped in #events as well!

Make sure to submit all of the below information in your request:

  • Event Name
  • Date and Location
  • Requested Sponsorship Level, if available
  • Partnership or Opportunity

Attending an Event

We strive to consistently have robust support at each event that we sponsor. In the interest of balancing booth attendance and having strong Sourcegraph support on the floor, we have a strict process for choosing attendees. Requests to join an event as booth staff should be directed to your manager, as we will be working with team leads to nominate booth support across Sales, Engineering, and more.