Web series

Dev Tool Time

Dev Tool Time is a bi-weekly web series livestreamed on Twitch where Sourcegraph engineers interview other devs in the community about their desk set up, favorite dev tools, productivity hacks, and more. Recordings are later available on our YouTube account.

This series aims to help new developers learn about existing tools but also update experienced developers who might not know about certain developer tools and workflows. While Sourcegraph may be mentioned, it will not be the main focus. This series is genuinely to inform developers about all the different tools out there and enhance developer awareness about the importance of having the right tools setup to increase coding efficiency.

What makes a great Dev Tool Time guest?

Explain what we are looking for (Actively develops, interesting dev environment, new tools to show off, productivity hacks to show, makes tools)

  1. How to propose a new guest
  2. How to apply to become a guest

Show format

There will be a set structure that we apply to each event to create a consistent flow and to ensure each event is filled with great in-depth content. During the series, a Sourcegraph host will be talking to an external guest who shares and showcases their preferred developer tools.

  • Host: (what does this role entail)
  • Co-host: (what does this role entail)
  • Moderator: (what does this role entail)
Run of show
  • 10 minutes prior to start time: Hosts & guests enter green room
  • 1 minutes prior to start time: Moderator preps guest to go live (quiet the room, mute, etc.)
  • 30 seconds prior to start time: Moderator leads count down to going live and gives host signal to start
  • Host opens the show
  • Host leads intros, banter, background on guest
  • Guest shows hardware setup (guest shares photo of desk)
  • Guest dives into the tools, demos, live showcasing tools (guest shares their screen)
  • Moderator prepares and shares questions from chat throughout the show
  • Moderator signals 5 minute mark to wrap up show at 55 minute mark
  • Host leads outro, where to find more information, helpful links, teases next guest

Program details

  • When: The second and fourth Wednesday of every month at /
  • Where: Twitch
  • Host: TJ DeVries, Thorsten Ball
  • Moderator: TBD
  • Directly responsible team: Content marketing
  • Project manager: Jenny Bergen, Manager, Content Marketing
  • Project planning: [Asana Portfolio]


  • Guest tracker
  • Guest request form
  • Guest intake form

Guest Guide

Thank you so much for wanting to share your dev environment with the world. To make this experience as enjoyable as possible, here’s an overview of what to expect as a guest on Dev Tool Time.

Apply to become a guest

Preparing for your episode

  • Episodes range in length from 30 minuntes to an hour
  • The show will be live streamed on Twitch using the restreamer.io platform, which offers several options for attendee participation. You can call in via restreamer. The restreamer link will be on your calendar invite 1 week prior to the live stream.
  • We’ll start off with you showing a photo of your desk (please be ready to share your screen) so you can talk about what setup has facilitated your work practices and environment. This is just an ice breaker so we’ll keep this segment short to about 5 minute but we’re also flexible if you want to invest more time into this. Then we’ll go over to talk about the developer tools you love, diving into your developing processes, etc. You can focus on presenting your dev environment and dev tools. Our co-hosts will be forwarding you any questions that come up from the audience. The session will be recorded and will remain available on YouTube. We’ll make sure you get a link to the recording of your session which you can share and embed however you like.