Creative Operations

Design at Sourcegraph is in high demand. It is everywhere: our content pieces, our landing pages, digital campaigns, events, marketing collateral, etc. With this high demand for design comes the inevitable tactical question: How can we produce at the pace and quality that’s needed to succeed?

This is where Creative Ops comes in. In simple words, Creative Ops exists to operationalize the creative. We focus on building and maintaining the workflows that keep creative production efficient, productive, and scalable.


  • Support content creation by producing visuals that spark conversation, drive conversion, and bring visibility to our content and brand
  • Work closely with our Marketing, Sales, and in-house Design team to ensure alignment with our business goals
  • Maintain the creative workflow to make it efficient, productive, and fully scalable
  • Ensure brand consistency across everything we do at Sourcegraph

Creative Ops is a cross-functional creative partner for all customer-facing teams and programs. With such a broad area of collaboration, we partner with external agencies and vendors to fulfill our goals.

Our in-house Brand Design team provides the direction for all the design work we produce.


We divide our functions into two categories: production and strategy


  • Creative serivces. Support production of creative assets for the whole company. This includes, but it’s not limited to, digital ads and marketing collateral.
  • UI design. Manage the design of our marketing landing pages in collaboration with our in-house brand designers and external design partners.
  • Swag. Coordinate the production and shipping of public-facing swag (events, customers and champions)
  • Brand review. Oversee all customer-facing assets to monitor adherence to our brand guidelines


  • Creative strategy framework. Facilitate workshops that promote design backed by strategic thinking
  • Brainstorming sessions. Facilitate brainstorming sessions between the Marketing team and our in-house designer or design partners.
  • Frontend projects.

Contact us

Contact us in #creative-ops to request creative assets, review your existing assets or simply share a fun idea for swag!