Account-Based Experience

Account Based Experience (ABX) isn’t just a fancier name for Account Based Marketing (ABM). ABX focuses on using experiential marketing to create connections to brand using personalized marketing strategy fueld by intent data and predictive anaytics.

Program Goals

Our goal with ABX is to make Sourcegraph valuable and accessible to every developer and company and solve big code problems for the largest enterprises. Our marketing approach is simple. Sourcegraph can help developers find code quickly, better understand code, and automate.

We know we can add value by maintaining a strong partnership between Sales and Marketing to focus on targeted marketing, personalization, and measurable results.

We want to resolve challenges faced by developers everyday:

Poor experience

  • Poor onboarding
  • Slow code review
  • Unclear ownership
  • Tribal knowledge
  • Manual processes

Slow velocity

  • Tech debt
  • Heavy processes
  • Slowed new product output
  • Risky releases
  • Legacy code

Security risks

  • Days (not hours) to patch
  • Unmaintained code
  • Ad-hoc incident response
  • DevSec friction

Key Stakeholders

Jake Sorensen, Demand Gen Campaigns

Review Committee



Our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is broken down by two audiences: developers and decision makers. Further analysis including employee range, revenue, geo, industries, and key personas can be found internally here.

  • Developers = Buy-in Journey: Awareness → Adoption → Retention → Advocacy

  • Decision Makers = Buyer’s Journey: Awareness → Consideration → Selection

ABX Program

Rules of ABX

  • Be delightful
  • All content is accessible
  • All tactics are on the table
  • Personalize everything
  • Partnership is not a dictatorship

ABX Tiers

  • Strategic ABX = 1:1 Accounts (Limited to 5)
  • Lite ABX = 1:Few Accounts (Limited to 5–10)
  • Programmatic ABX = 1:Many Accounts (Target list, excludes Strategic and Lite)

Tier Criteria

Coming Soon!

Programs Breakdown

  • Custom Emails, Outreach, and content (Strategic ABX-Only)
  • Customized email nurture campaigns, content creation, drip campaigns, and outreach.
  • High Value Offers (HVOs)
  • Giveaways and incentives
  • ABX Experiential
  • Virtual/live events, direct mail, and champion program
  • Paid Ads
  • Targeted paid advertising
  • Social Media
  • Targeted social media strategy
  • Tailored Content
  • Easy to modify in-market content
  • Intent Data
  • Lead-to-account mapping, contact acquisition, intent signals.

Sales Rep Process

  • NOMINATE Fill out this Nomination Form. The form link will open two weeks before the upcoming quarter and will close 1 week after the start of the new quarter. Accounts will be reviewed by Sales leadership to determine top priority accounts. If your account isn’t selected, it will be placed on a secondary list for future placement into ABX.

    - Nomination deadlines:
    - FY22-Q3
        - July 19, 2021 (Open)
        - August 9, 2021 (Close)
    - FY22-Q4
        - Oct 18, 2021 (Open)
        - Nov 8, 2021 (Close)
    - FY23-Q1
        - Jan 18, 2022 (Open)
        - Feb 8, 2022 (Close)
  • STRATEGIZE - Setup a 1:1 Focus Time Meeting w/ Demand Gen to review account history, goals, and current strategies. Future meetings will be placed on the calendar after the initial discussion.

  • MEASURE - Join monthly ABX Sprint to review wins and failures, receive program updates, and focus on collaboration to help determine the future of ABX.