Digital Campaigns


Paid digital programs at Sourcegraph generate demand through awareness and acquisition strategies:

  • Awareness – get the message out about Sourcegraph and our products to developers worldwide
  • Acquisition – deliver value through product sign-ups, demos, and other high-impact offers


We use a variety of CTAs, including:

  • Product trials Search Code, Deploy Locally, Sign-up for Sourcegraph – these are designed to increase product use, especially among new users, for both the local install and Cloud product
  • Blog content – these campaigns offer educational content from the Sourcegraph blog to enable developers to increase their skills and think of Sourcegraph as a developer resource
  • Testimonial content & case studies – testimonial quotes from customers and case study offers provide third-party credibility for both individual developers and their managers


For developer-focused campaigns, we speak directly to individual practitioners who are trying to solve specific problems that Sourcegraph can address (better code search, better code reviews, finding & fixing bugs faster, etc.)

For manager-focused campaigns, we speak to engineering leads and managers who may have larger organizational challenges, such as onboarding new team members, finding security vulnerabilities, moving from monolith to microservices, etc.

When it’s possible to serve ads to specific personas at select companies (e.g., on LinkedIn, Bing display network through LinkedIn audience network, Triblio), we serve ads to developers/managers at our Target Accounts.


  • Web-based awareness programs – when clickthrough ads are being served on developer-facing websites or networks, our goals are to see Sourcegraph website visitors (traffic) from those ads and multiple page visits/actions (engagements) taken by those visitors, which shows interest in learning more about Sourcegraph
  • Podcast sponsorships and other sponsorships that don’t provide clickthrough opportunities – we consider these awareness campaigns only, as part of our overall demand creation efforts
  • Acquisition campaigns designed to generate leads are measured by the number of leads created as a result of the campaign. A lead is created when a person does a high-intent action such as submitting a Contact Us / Request for Demo form, downloading the free/open-source version of Sourcegraph, or signing up for a Account to save searches on our web-based Cloud product.


We run (or have run) ads/sponsorships on the following channels in order to raise awareness of Sourcegraph in the developer community.

Developer-Facing Ad Networks

Developer-Facing Blogs/Websites/Newsletters

Developer-Facing Podcasts

We run search ads (text and display) on both Google and Bing. Our display ads run as part of Intent campaigns (serving ads to those who have searched on our core keywords) and Remarketing campaigns (serving ads to those who have visited our website).

We have run multiple Sponsored Content campaigns on LinkedIn, using the following content offers, among others:

Additionally, we have an ongoing LinkedIn campaign promoting Sourcegraph (using testimonial quotes and case study content) that is served to engineers/managers at companies in Salesforce deal stages 0–3.

Details for all the above programs/campaigns can be found in Google drive (internal link only).

We capture/measure the results of our paid campaigns using tags in Google Tag Manager that fire events when certain actions are conducted on our site. See more details.

Insertion Order Process

  1. We negotiate insertion orders/contracts for our advertising placements with our media partners
  2. Electronic copies of the insertion orders are sent to Sarah Reece (Demand Gen Director) for electronic signature
  3. Copies of signed insertion orders are loaded to the Google drive (internal link only).

Billing Process

  1. Invoices are received via email from our advertising partners.
  2. We send invoices to, and include a copy of the signed insertion order as backup for the invoice.


While we work on a consolidated dashboard, you can find monthly search and social reports in this Google drive and contribution to pipeline in this Salesforce report