Rebecca Rissinger README

My view on demand generation

Demand Generation consists of the strategies companies put into place to drive brand awareness, affinity, and a community of humans that love your product. It’s a shared partnership across the org to move prospects through the buy-in journey.

I’m really digging conversations going on in the ether around how product-led marketers should be thinking about demand gen. Here’s one of my favorite podcast episodes on the topic incase you’re curious to learn more!

Preferred learning styles

I’m really visual so I learn by seeing and doing. I love getting hands-on to take things apart and put them back together. Oh and you may neeed me to cool it on the questions from time to time because I can be a very curious data detective.

Communication style

Working at an async company can be challenging for me from time to time. Being someone that thinks things through technically, I’m used to having direct conversations with people to get to the bottom of why something is the way it is. Sometimes I struggle when it comes to written communication because I often worry that I’m not expressing myself in the best way possible.

How I manage my calendar

I’m available for meetings from to / to Monday-Friday. If I have to shift my schedule around, I do the best to communicate that. You’ll often find if I can’t stick to those hours on any given day, I’ll hop on earlier in the am or later in the evening to get things done.

Preferred way to collaborate

I’m down to write RFCs, but sometimes I think it’s more efficient to have a quick convo and hash out the task at hand. I’m into a good weekly sync, but I’m also open to pings on slack to answer quick questions!

How I approach problems

I tackle things head-on. I like to understand the who/what/why and then dive in.

Preferred way to be recognized/appreciated

A thank you goes a long way for me! It’s always nice to have people tell me others think I’m doing a good job.

Thoughts/feelings/preferences when it comes to asking for help

If I need help, I’ll typically try to find the answer myself before reaching out to someone to ask. If you need help, just ask! I’ll do the best I can do to solve the problem and when I don’t know the answer, I’ll transparently admit it and help you figure out who is best to help!

What I find enjoyable at work

My best days at work are when I can solve a big problem or run through a bunch of things on my TODO list.

How do I feel about getting messages after/outside of hours that are meant for me to see and respond to during active hours

I’m not great at setting boundaries, but I do try to prioritize the importance of things. If it’s critical ask, I’ll hop in and roll up my sleeves.

How folks can best show up for me when I seem off

Listen to me if I’m in need of an ear, tell me we’re in this together, and then help come up with a solution to whatever problem is going on at the moment!

Things I am aware of that trigger anxious feelings/feelings of less than at work

Feeling alone, conflict, learning new things in a crunch.

Marketing areas of knowledge

Marketing technologies, tracking marketing metrics, managing stellar teams.

Marketing areas of interest to learn

I’m always learning by reading articles and listening to podcasts on how to be a better product lead growth marketer. (As someone that comes with a traditional marketing funnel background, this is something that’s still a WIP for me.)

Current personal project

Raising my son. Oh, and I’m also training to become a better runner!

Something I fear

I fear failure.

A quote I like

All you need is love.

–The Beatles

How I eat fries

Ranch, blue cheese, ketchup, or honey mustard are all appropriate dipping sauces for me! I typically grab a cluster of fries and dip them all at once to be efficient.

My sun, moon, and rising signs

I’m a Gemini. All the things they say about us are true… at least for me.