Developer Education

At Sourcegraph, we want to make it so everyone can code—not just ~0.1% of the world population—so that we can see faster and more broadly beneficial technological progress. The Developer Education team will be collaborating across the organization to empower developers and support their growth.

Mission and vision

The Developer Education team is dedicated to Sourcegraph’s long-term mission of supporting everyone in being able to code. Increased technical literacy will enable the creation of more innovative technology and ensure that technology is benefiting all communities. The Developer Education team will serve developers, student developers (and their teachers), open source contributors, and teams of developers. We will deliver approachable, high-quality learning resources that address a variety of open source and Sourcegraph topics.


Get in touch

Summon us with @dev-ed on Slack, chat with us in the #developer-education channel, or follow the Learn platform progress in #sourcegraph-learn.

If you have an idea for educational content, please file an issue on our repo. For more details on requests, contributing, or filing a bug report, see Developer Education requests.