Dev Ed Council

The Developer Education Council (DEC) will provide advisory support to the Developer Education team as they build out the Sourcegraph Learn platform and create resources for developers and partnerships with educational groups.


Advisement from the DEC will serve as important input to influence the development of the Learn platform and strategy of resource creation.


Pending a successful first session, members of the DEC will commit to future sessions once per quarter. They are also welcome to attend Dev Ed team meetings and provide feedback on decision documents regarding the Learn platform and educational resource strategy. No prep work is expected prior to DEC sessions.

Current Members

  • TJ Devries (Software Engineer, Code Intelligence)
  • Warren Gifford (Customer Support Engineer)
  • Dax McDonald (Software Engineer, Distribution)
  • Mike McLaughlin (Customer Engineer)
  • Rok Novosel (Software Engineer, Search product)
  • Juliana Peña (Software Engineer, Search product)
  • Ryan Phillips (Product Manager, Core App)
  • Kelli Rockwell (Software Engineer, Batch Changes)