Developer Education requests

We welcome requests and collaboration across teams.

Ideas for tutorials, videos, and other educational content

If you have an idea for educational content, and it is ok for that request to live publicly, please file an issue on our repo.

If you would like to submit an idea internally, please fill out a document, as below, and share it with us in the #developer-education Slack channel.

Internal educational content request format

For internal requests, please create a document, with the following outline filled out.

What topic are you requesting a piece of content on?

  • Sourcegraph product related
  • Open source related (including programming languages)
  • Other (please explain)

Proposed title:


How will this topic be interesting / engaging to the developer community? Do you have any metrics on this topic to support engagement (e.g. Google Analytics, Stack Overflow reports, etc.)?

How will your team support this piece of content? Will your team be able to share this content, will your team link to this content from widely-trafficked pages, etc.?

Is there a deadline? If so, what date?

Request to include content others create on the Learn platform

If you would like to write content or create a video for Sourcegraph Learn, please review our style and process guidelines. The issue or doc format above is a good place to start. All work must be reviewed by the Developer Education team prior to publication.

Feature requests

For features on the Sourcegraph Learn site, please feel free to file a Feature request issue. All of our work is tracked on Jira, please check to make sure your feature request is not currently in development.

If you would like to build a feature or otherwise contribute, feel free to start the conversation with us with an issue or on Slack.

Bugs and other issues

File a Bug report issue if you find a bug on our platform.

If you notice another issue, feel free to use the bug report issue (if it is ok for this to be public), or contact us on Slack for internal concerns.