Atlassian Fisheye vs. Sourcegraph

Atlassian Fisheye was released around 2007, initially as a source browser for companies who (before the advent of GitHub/Bitbucket) mostly lacked web-based source code browsers. It later added code search capabilities.

You can try it out on JBoss’ public Fisheye instance (see example quick search results page and example advanced search results page).

Sourcegraph is a good replacement for Fisheye as a code search tool when the primary usage is developers searching for code.


  • Tight integration with the Atlassian suite of products, especially with builds from Atlassian Bamboo
  • Perforce support (as well as Git, Subversion, Mercurial, and CVS)


  • Common developer sentiment: “It feels like Fisheye’s code search is for managers to report on changes, not for developers in their daily workflow”
  • Poor integration with GitHub and GitLab
  • Deprioritized by Atlassian, with only infrequent and minor feature releases