Customer marketing

What is customer marketing?

Customer marketing collaborates with marketing, sales, customer engineering, and product teams to tell compelling customer stories and run customer programs, like our Customer Advisory Board, that create value for developers and Sourcegraph.

Which customers can we publicly reference?

We don’t have permission to publicly reference all of our customers. A good rule of thumb is to only reference customers you see on the about site. If you have questions about a specific customer, feel free to ask in #marketing.

Keep in mind, this applies to personal posts on Twitter or LinkedIn.

How can you collaborate with customer marketing?

We’re always looking to share how our customers use Sourcegraph. If there’s a customer story you’d like to tell, submit a request here.

Customer marketing resources

Customer Advisory Board

Sourcegraph’s Customer Advisory Board is comprised of engineering leaders from our strategic customers. The advisory board meets quarterly to discuss common challenges, share best practices, and provide feedback on our roadmap. We’ll open up nominations for new CAB members every quarter. If you have any questions, please join the #customer-advisory-board Slack channel.

Check out these resources to learn more about the program and takeaways from past meetings: