Product marketing roadmap

What is the product marketing roadmap?

Sourcegraph’s Product and Product Marketing teams collaborated on building a roadmap deck that communicates rolling releases in a 6-month outlook. The product marketing roadmap is available for Sourcegraph team members and covers the new product releases that are coming in the foreseeable future, as well as the value each provides to Sourcegraph customers. In essence, the product marketing roadmap provides a higher-level perspective for customers on the big problems Sourcegraph is solving and why and as such, it potentially doesn’t cover every specific release Sourcegraph is working on.

Sourcegraph Product teams’ strategy pages are a public, detailed resource. These pages outline individual product team’s goals and roadmaps that are aligned to the company OKRs, Sourcegraph direction, and overall product strategy.

Will this product marketing roadmap deck be updated?

The product marketing roadmap outlines rolling releases and is designed to capture a ~6-month time period. This asset will be updated periodically to reflect our future product directions (e.g., it will outline a new feature) and also could be updated with changes to existing information (e.g., updated to capture that a Beta release date is changing). We will outline the changes made in the deck for the sake of transparency, so everyone could be aware of the full context when using the deck at any point in time.

What resources do I have at my disposal when it comes to the product roadmap?

The product marketing roadmap deck is the one resource and reference that Sourcegraph team members (e.g., Sales, CEs, etc.) should use when discussing the company’s product roadmap with customers. Furthermore, we put together collateral to introduce internal teams to the product marketing roadmap deck:

The Product and Product Marketing teams appreciate your feedback!

  • Sourcegraph team member: Please take our 1-minute roadmap survey to let us know what’s working in the roadmap deck and what can be optimized.
  • Sourcegraph customer: Please reach out to your Account Executive for detailed information about the roadmap. If you have any product feedback for us or any feature requests, we’d love to hear from you! Please shoot us a note at