Employment verification

If you need your employment at Sourcegraph verified for any reason (such as for home loans, mortgages, visa sponsorship, or travel sponsorship), you can use Truework. Truework is a platform that we’ve integrated with our HRIS system, BambooHR, to provide quick and easy employment verification.

Truework allows you to generate a letter yourself or, in cases where verification needs to come directly from Sourcegraph, allows requesters to do so via our Truework landing page.

To generate a letter, please follow the steps below:

  • Self-serve:

    • Go to https://app.truework.com/letter
    • Enter “Sourcegraph” for Employer Name
    • Enter your Sourcegraph email address for Work Email
    • Enter 8 letter verification code that was sent to your Sourcegraph email address
    • Click “Download” under the type of letter that you need
    • Your letter is ready!
  • Third party requests:

    • Direct the requester to Truework.com (or to Sourcegraph’s Truework landing page)
    • Click “Start a Verification” (or “Verify a Sourcegraph employee”)
    • The requester will create a Truework account
    • The requester will enter your information and upload relevant documentation to request a report
    • One the request is complete,
      • the requester will receive a notification that the letter is ready
      • you will receive an email from Truework at your Sourcegraph email address to review the report and comment

If a phone call is required, please share our company phone number, (650) 273-5591, and notify people-ops@sourcegraph.com that you will need a verbal verification of employment.

If you have any questions about Truework, you can reach out to the People Ops team at the #people-ops Slack channel or people-ops@sourcegraph.com.