Email Changes

The Tech Ops team is responsible for creating and managing teammate emails. This page outlines our standard naming conventions, reasons teammates might request changest to their email, and how to request a change.

Standard email naming convention

Prior to a new teammate’s first day at Sourcegraph, the Tech Ops team will create their email address using this standard naming convention:

Emails are typically created on the Wednesday before a new hire’s start date. This email will be used to create the new Okta user, which allows access to all of our tools/systems.

Reasons to change an email

There are occasionally times that a teammate needs to change their email after it has been created. This is not an easy change to make because it requires manually changing user information in all applications where the email is used. Therefore, reasons for changing an email are limited. Typically, this happens when:

  • A teammate legally changes their first or last name
  • A teammate needs to change their email for security reasons

Reasons to request an email alias be created

An alias is an alternative Sourcegraph email address that you can use for sending and receiving emails. This is an easy processes as long as the name is available. Having an email alias created will not change your username for accessing other systems we use including Okta, Slack, etc. Typically, an email alias is created for a teammate when:

  • The first or last name of a teammate is longer than average and/or has a difficult spelling
  • You have a nickname that you would like to use

How to request a change to your email or have an alias created

If you’d like to request a change to your email, please fill out this Google form. Tech Ops will review the request and reach out to you via Slack with more information about whether the request has been approved.