Emergency Support

In case of emergency, the VP People & Talent and the Director, People are available 24/7 via their cell phone number which is listed in their Slack profile.

Natural disaster support

We value our teammates and want to support them through all of life’s events. Natural disasters are often unpredictable and can cause significant distress or loss for teammates. In the event we have teammates experience a natural disaster, we are here to support them!

Manager responsibility:

  • Seek to understand the impact of the event on the teammate.
  • Encourage the teammate to use our benefits and perks during this time. As a reminder, we have a flexible PTO policy and a Mental Health Stipend that can be used by teammates.
  • Be sure to support the teammate in completing an out of office plan if time away from work will be helpful.
  • Loop in your People Partner to ensure they can reach out and support the teammate with People team resources.

People team responsibilities:

  • The People team will reach out to the teammate to check-in
  • Along with the manager we will encourage teammates to take time off to recover from the event and remind them of all of our benefits and perks that may be helpful. Including our mental health stipend.
  • If the teammate takes time off, the People team will follow up to see how the recovery process is going.