Sourcegraph L&D Resources Handbook Page

We believe in continuous learning and development to empower our teammates and help them grow in their careers.

Resources we offer:

How we use Hone:

Hone provides access to interactive classes and training programs. With a focus on leadership and development, these classes offer all teammates opportunities to enhance skills, connect with experts, and collaborate with peers. Investing in your growth is key to Sourcegraph’s success!

Key Benefits:

  • World-class instructors/coaches: collaborate and learn from experts who lead engaging and informative classes.
  • Interactive learning: classes are designed to be interactive, allowing you to practice your new skills and receive feedback from both facilitators and peers in the industry.
  • Flexible scheduling: The platform provides flexibility, making it easy for you to attend live, online classes that fit your schedule. Full class schedule is here - classes and content are update monthly!
  • Network with peers: Hone offers another avenue to meet and learn from peers across industries.

How to access Hone

To access Hone membership and classes, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Hone: Select Hone icon via Okta or click this link
  2. Browse courses or coaching groups: you can filter by topic, date, or instructor to find the classes that interest you the most here.
  3. Register for classes: select the classes you want to attend and register for them. You’ll receive a calendar invite, reminders and access details as the class date approaches.
  4. Participate and learn: engage in the classes, ask questions, collaborate with peers, and practice your new skills.

Making the Most of Hone

  • Prioritize your learning: Take time to explore the class catalog and select topics that align with your personal and professional goals.
  • Participate actively: Engage with instructors and peers during classes to maximize your learning experience.
  • Share feedback: After completing a class, provide feedback to help us continually improve and recommend classes to teammates via #chat-learning channel.
  • Discuss with your manager: Discuss your learning goals with your manager to ensure that Hone classes align with your professional development plan.
  • Stay updated: The People team will** **regularly share updates regarding upcoming classes - please join #chat-learning channel or reach out to #ask-people-team for recommendations.

If you have any questions or need assistance with Hone or other L&D resources, please don’t hesitate to reach out to or #ask-people-team



Feedback & Conflict Management

Interviewing & Onboarding

Strategy & Direction

Execution & Productivity

Communication & Collaboration

Preparing for your Performance Review For Managers

Preparing for your Performance Review For ICs

How we use Hone for Leadership Training

At Sourcegraph, we are committed to the continuous development of our leadership team. To foster a culture of learning and growth, we are excited to introduce our quarterly Manager Learning Cohorts.

These cohorts are designed to bring together managers from various teams to participate in focused, learning experiences. Each quarter all managers will be invited to participate in 3-5 Hone classes and discuss learning and share perspectives on how we can implement these across our organization.



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How we use Hone for Onboarding

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How we measure the success of our L&D Programs

At Sourcegraph, we believe in continuously improving and tailoring our L&D resources to meet the needs of our teammates. To gauge engagement and ensure that these tools are effectively contributing to your professional growth, we measure:

  • Course Completion: We track the number of classes teammates registered for and successfully completed. This data helps us understand your commitment to learning through the resources we offer.
  • Average Class Rating: After each class, you will be able to provide feedback about your learning experience. Your score will help us assess the effectiveness of content and the value it provides to your professional learning.
  • Active Learners: The total number of teammates actively participating in classes.

By measuring these key engagement metrics, we can adapt our L&D offerings, to better meet our teammate’s needs. Your participation and feedback are crucial in shaping the future of your learning experience at Sourcegraph so please share any feedback via #chat-learning or #ask-people-team.