Onboarding process for Hiring Managers

As the company grows, new hires are joining almost every week. The onboarding process the new hire goes through requires actions from both PeopleOps and the Hiring Manager. Some Hiring Managers are doing this for the first time and they don’t know what the process looks like, here they will find the necessary information.

Please note: When your department’s onboarding content changes, it is the Manager’s responsibility to provide the necessary updates to the People Team for actioning.

Before first day

People Team responsibilities

Once the teammate signs the contract, People Ops will send the new teammate a BambooHR onboarding kit that guides them through completing several necessary tasks prior to day 1 at Sourcegraph. These tasks include proving personal information, uploading an image for their avatar, submitting their laptop request, etc.

The People Team will also trigger a Procoess St. onboarding workflow for each new teammate. Hiring managers are responsible for several tasks within that onboarding workflow.

Hiring Manager responsibilities

Managers are responsible for completing both the ‘Hiring Manager - Monday Tasks’ and ‘Hiring Manager - Thursday Tasks’ in Process St. These tasks include

  • Selecting an Onboarding buddy (and onboarding mentor, depending on the role)
    • Please take the time to confirm with the buddy that they are willing and available before selecting them
  • Confirming with tools, channels, and groups the new hire will need access to
  • Adding the new teammate to a recurring 1:1 and any relevant team meetings

Tech Ops responsibilities:

Tech Ops will then create their Sourcegraph email and add them to the necessary tools.

People Ops responsiblities:

  • Communicate in #announce-new-teammates any new teammates starting the following week
  • Add the teammate to HR calendar events such as Meet the founders, Meet the People team, Cohort Meet & Greet, and a 1 month check in with PeopleOps
  • Send an email one business day before the start date with information to prepare the new hire for their first day, such as the link to their Process St checklist, Onboarding buddy program information, etc.

First day

Manager responsibilites:

You should meet with the new hire to welcome them and set expectations about onboarding and their new role. Additionally, notify new hires of any 1:1s they should set up with people on their team, or adjacent teams they will work closely with.

It is also helpful to provide documentation and context for ongoing projects your team is working on.

Milestones and Impact review cycles

New teammates will go through their Onboarding Feedback Milestones on their first, second and third month with us. Please read the handbook page that walks you through what they are and why we find them valuable.

You will use Lattice to take notes during the Milestones. You will be notified via email and through the Slack integration when it’s time for you to have them. As per their onboarding checklist, teammates are responsible to schedule the meetings for you both to have the conversation.

On the teammates 6 month mark, and every six months after that, manager and teammate will be part of the 360 Impact review cycle.

For any extra context, information or suggestions, please contact people-ops@sourcegraph.com