Onboarding Review Process


The purpose of Onboarding Reviews is to gather specific data from new hires within the life-cycle of their onboarding journey. It does not replace 1:1s and should not be a cumbersome or duplicate process to continuous feedback loops.

We want our new teammates and managers to be supported through frameworks that enable effective two-way conversations between them throughout the onboarding process - focusing on what’s on track and what needs action, the new teammates’ contribution, and alignment to our values. Such conversations enable Teammates to better understand their performance and how well they’re adapting to their new role.


There are different ways we check in with new teammates:

People Team

  • Month 1 - 15 min check-in with Kemper(or someone else in the team in her absence) to get a pulse check, ask Teammates how they are doing and feeling, whether they are clear about expectations & ensure they are adapting well to asynchronous work. Our aim is to minimize any anxiety, provide reassurance where needed, and help deliver the very best onboarding experience for all new hires.
  • Month 6 - 20 min check-in with People Partner to connect with Teammates once they have become proficient at their role here at Sourcegraph. The purpose of this conversation is to ensure long-term retention of teammates, continued strong performance, and give Teammates the chance to provide feedback on the onboarding process with the perspective 6 months at our organization brings.


  • Month 1 - Onboarding Feedback Milestones
  • Month 3 - Onboarding Feedback Milestones

During these meetings, managers will help new Teammates understand their role in the team and company and what’s expected of them. In order for this to work, managers must define expectations, goals, and responsibilities for each Teammate before they join, in alignment with our department-specific career ladders. New Teammates benefit from as much clarity as possible and if there are any changes, should be guided through these as soon as possible. The framework above should be used as a guide at every meeting.

Read more about Onboarding Feedback Milestones [here].


  1. 1mo: Informal Review w/Onboarding Partner; Kemper or People Team
  2. 1mo: Hiring Manager: Setting Expectations - Formal Review to be conducted in Lattice
  3. 3mo: Hiring Manager: Lattice Onboarding Review w/ Hiring Manager - Formal Review to be conducted in Lattice
  4. 5mo/6: Lattice Onboarding Review w/ People Partner