Deel - PEO/EOR employment

Deel is a privately-held payroll and compliance provider. That means anyone, anywhere can get hired and paid with Deel. Using a tech-enabled self-serve process, companies can legally hire full-time employees or independent contractors across the world. We use Deel to hire international employees and contractors. We refer to Deel and similar providers as Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) or Employer of Record (EORs).

Deel acts as the intermediary between you (the employee) and the company you’re working for. Deel engages with both parties using separate agreements. While you perform your duties at the company, you get hired and paid by Deel.

How can I get employed via a PEO/EOR?

During your interview process, your recruiter will explain the different types of employment available. If you come in on a PEO/EOR, they will ask you for certain details and then notify you as soon as the request has been approved.

After the People Ops team and the Finance team set everything up for you on the backend, Deel will contact you, notify you and request your signature. You can read about the onboarding task here.

Point of contact

The recruiter will let you know that Deel will contact you.

You will be assigned a Deel Onboarding Specialist. They will ask you to create an profile in Deel and send over compliance documentation. All of this must be done before your start date. You won’t be able to start until this is done. Read about how to sign up as an employee here.

If there are any delays, Deel will notify the People Ops team and propose a new start date. Your point of contact for any questions regarding employment will be answered by the Onboarding Specialist.


Why is there no mention of equity or stocks in my contract?

Since your employment contract is with Deel, any equity grants or stock options offered by your company will need a separate agreement between you and your company.

We usa Carta as our default app for tracking options, please refer to this handbook page for more information. You can also confirm your number of options and grant date in BambooHR.

What’s the name of my employer?

You can check who employs you in this page.

How often does the exchange rate get updated for compensation?

The amount specified as compensation in your Deel contract is based on an exchange rate calculated based on the 12-month trailing average. Please reference the YTD row in the below table when calculating your expected salary from USD to local currency. Compensation bands are calibrated every 6-months and we will account for exchange rates when there is a change to compensation bands; All merit increases for teammates on Deel are based on their compensation rate per their Deel contract; it’s very difficult to account for continous FX rate changes after the salary has been converted from USD to local currency at the time of offer or transfer to PEO. *Why we can’t benchmark on USD offer at time of conversion when calculating merit:

  • We can’t and will not reduce someone’s current salary in local currency. For example if FX rates swing in the opposite direction for a teammate - we would never say “you are paid now more than what we offered you in USD and we will ask that you make less than the rate in your contract in local currency”
  • Currently, the best way for us to account for increases is to calculate merit adjustments based on their compensation in local currency per their Deel contract.
  • We will evaluate the bands every 12-months to benchmark if any additional adjustments are needed due to extreme FX changes. These will be accounted as part of band related adjustments - not within the merit adjustment.
Feb 01, 2022 1.000 0.8939 1.000 0.7447 1.000 1.2729 1.000 1.4194
Mar 01, 2022 1.000 0.8935 1.000 0.7469 1.000 1.2737 1.000 1.3849
Apr 01, 2022 1.000 0.8998 1.000 0.7615 1.000 1.2507 1.000 1.3349
May 01, 2022 1.000 0.9478 1.000 0.7956 1.000 1.2855 1.000 1.4155
June 01, 2022 1.000 0.9291 1.000 0.7909 1.000 1.2682 1.000 1.3924
July 01, 2022 1.000 0.9568 1.000 0.8232 1.000 1.2891 1.000 1.4508
August 01, 2022 1.000 0.9790 1.000 0.8272 1.000 1.2870 1.000 1.4302
September 01, 2022 1.000 0.9971 1.000 0.8590 1.000 1.3104 1.000 1.4574
October 01, 2022 1.000 1.0207 1.000 0.8982 1.000 1.3741 1.000 1.5474
November 01, 2022 1.000 1.0082 1.000 0.8670 1.000 1.3633 1.000 1.5621
December 01, 2022 1.000 0.9650 1.000 0.8336 1.000 1.3524 1.000 1.4866
January 01, 2023 1.000 0.9338 1.000 0.8261 1.000 1.3550 1.000 1.4663
January 13, 2023 1.000 0.9264 1.000 0.8212 1.000 1.3403 1.000 1.4427
YTD average 1.000 0.9501 1.000 0.8150 1.000 1.3094 1.000 1.4454
February 01, 2023 1.000 0.9217 1.000 0.8110 1.000 1.3382 1.000 1.4212
March 01, 2023 1.000 0.9435 1.000 0.8286 1.000 1.3599 1.000 1.4852
February 01, 2024 1.000 0.9236 1.000 0.8020 1.000 1.3494 1.000 1.5082

What does the onboarding process look like?

Learn about the process of being onboarded in Deel.

How can I submit an expense in Deel?

You can see this information in this handbook page. You can find more information on how to submit expenses in Deel in this page.

The PTO policy in my country of residence is different from Sourcegraph’s PTO policy, which one should I follow?

You are required to take the minimum statutory PTO days in your country in order for us to be compliant with Deel and your country’s laws. However you are not limited to the minimum statutory PTO days in your country. Sourcegraph will honor the unlimited PTO policy, which the Deel team is aware of. Please submit your time off using the PTO by Deel Slack App to ensure the data syncs with the Deel platform.

  • Once you have hit your PTO statutory minimum, please submit any additional time off under the ‘Other’ category and add the comment “Unlimited PTO”.

The Deel team is aware of our flexible PTO policy and will honor it. Please submit your time off using the PTO by Deel Slack App as usual - it will sync with the Deel platform and you will not be limited to the number of statutory days based on your country.

How do I submit time off?

You can check this article on how to ask for time off through Deel’s platform.

Sourcegraph uses the PTO by Deel Slack app to submit PTO. There is an integration set up between the Slack app and Deel, so you will be able to submit time off via the Slack app and it will automatically sync to the Deel platform. For this to work, your Deel email will need to match your Slack email (your Sourcegraph email). Make sure you change your Deel email to your corporate one if you wish this integration to apply to you.

You can read more about submitting time off via Deel here.

How can I get an Employment Verification Letter from Deel?

Go to this article for more information on this topic.

If I move will I be able to switch countries and still use Deel?

This will be dependent on the country you are relocating to and Finance approval. You will need to reach out to to initiate this process.

Will I be able to change my contract relationship later on if needed? (from EOR to something else?)

This is dependent on local regulations and compliance laws. You will need to reach out to to initiate this process.

What if my circumstances change?

Please be sure to keep us informed of any life events. You can read more here

Will Sourcegraph automatically approve employment via Deel if I am currently a contractor?

This will be dependent on the country you are located in and Finance approval. You will need to reach out to to initiate this process.

  • Note: Only teammates who are in good performance standing and not currently on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) or formal coaching will be eligible for relocation support or EOR onboarding.