Temporary contractors

Temporary contractors are independent contractors and they must have a defined start and end date listed in their contract. We will engage with them in a B2B partnership, and they will be classified as an external “business”. As such, they are expected to be able to function in their designated role without additional resources from Sourcegraph. Temporary contractors must have all the necessary devices and their own tools upon engagement (i.e. computer and adequate specs, reliable internet connection, cameras, monitors etc.) Exceptions can be made for any Sourcegraph required software or internal tools.

We have two types of temporary contractors: short term and temporary to permanent contractors. They are defined as follows:

Short term contractors

Contracted for a specific period of time to cover a current but temporary business need (covering someone on extended leave, additional help with a particular project, etc).

Temp to perm contractors

Contracted as temporary contractors with the intention and possibility of converting to permanent full-time teammates. Hiring managers must have a clearly defined business case for opting into a temp-to-perm engagement vs. a permanent full-time teammate.

In both cases, all contractor hires must be approved by the following teams prior to engaging specific contractors or starting a search process: People Ops, Legal, Finance, and Talent (if starting a search).

To notify the above-mentioned teams, please submit an email to people-ops@sourcegraph.com and CC legal@sourcegraph.com and finance@sourcegraph.com with the following information:

  • Name of contractor and/or contracting business
  • Description of services
  • Contract type (temporary/fixed term or temp-to-perm)
  • Contract duration
  • Payment details (rate, frequency)
  • Expected start date
  • Do they require that we sign their vendor contract or are they willing to sign our template service contract?
  • Confirmation that this has been approved by the head of department

Talent and People Ops: First steps

Once Talent, People Ops, and Finance have approved of a contractor hire, have finalized necessary SLA and contracts, and have agreed on a start date, temporary contractors will be marked as hired in Greenhouse and have a profile in BambooHR (People Ops will categorize them specifically as temporary contractors to avoid confusion).

Short term contractors will receive a welcome email which is slightly different from the one teammates receive but will have all the information for their first day.

Temp to perm contractors will receive the same email as teammates do, with the exception of the budget section (as they are still expected to have all the necessary resources and devices to carry out the role prior to engagement).

Keep in mind, temporary contractors’ start date should align with the cohort calendar (2021 & 2022 ). If an exception needs to be made, notify PeopleOps and Talent.


Short term contractors will not go through an onboarding process, and are not announced at the company meeting or given swag, given that they are considered an external partner and their stint is not long-term. They will be granted access to necessary systems (i.e. Gmail, Slack, etc.) based on the needs of the role, but they will not participate in a formal onboarding process.

Temp to perm contractors will go through a modified version of the onboarding process that full time teammates go through. This is in an effort to create a positive and thorough onboarding process for anyone who may potentially become a permanent teammate. This way, this potential future teammate is fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and connections to be a successful Sourcegraph teammate that can easily integrate with the team and company expectations should they join permanently.

Keep in mind, the onboarding process includes the onboarding checklist and resources, but also all of the onboarding activities, such as introducing new teammates in the company meeting, Onboarding Feedback Milestones and more.


Short term contractors will have limited access to our Slack (they will only be added as “multi-channel guests”) and will only be added to the specific channels designated by the Hiring Manager and will only be added to the specific tools required by the role and team. This goes for GitHub as well, they will only be added to specific repositories designated by the Hiring Manager. Short term contractors will not have access to Greenhouse and Lattice.

Temp to perm contractors will have access to the same basic tools permanent teammates have access to with the exception of GitHub, where they will solely have access to necessary repositories. Hourly teammates are manually added into Lattice, along with start date, manager, department, and title


Short term contractors will not get access to any teammate budgets. This includes computers, home desk setup, travel, moving, professional development etc.

Temp to perm contractors will be granted access to all budgets if and when they are converted to permanent teammates.


BambooHR is our source of truth. All contractors who work for Sourcegraph must have a profile in BambooHR, but are not given BambooHR access or sent an onboarding kit. BambooHR profile only needs:

  • Legal and Preferred first and last name
  • Teammate personal email and work email
  • Start Date
  • State/Country
  • Time Zone and Region
  • Employment Status
  • Job Info: Role Title, Department, Cost Center, Hiring Manager
    • Typically no division
  • Compensation info
    • Typically no options, bonuses, or commission