Temporary contractor onboarding (for People Ops use)

Temporary contractors are independent contractors, contracted for a specific period of time to cover a current but temporary business need (covering someone on extended leave, additional help with a particular project, etc). They must have a defined start and end date listed in their contract. We will engage with them in a B2B partnership, and they will be classified as an external “business”. As such, they are expected to be able to function in their designated role without additional resources from Sourcegraph. Temporary contractors must have all the necessary devices and their own tools upon engagement (i.e. computer and adequate specs, reliable internet connection, cameras, monitors etc.) Exceptions can be made for any Sourcegraph required software or internal tools.

All contractor hires must be approved by the following teams prior to engaging specific contractors or starting a search process: People Ops, Legal, Finance, and Talent (if starting a search).

Onboarding Process

Involved stakeholders can reference this spreadsheet to determine what type of temporary contractor the teammate will be and what onboarding steps should be completed. Process and details outlined below.

  1. People Ops is alerted to incoming contractors via the external vendor request process. PeopleOps will be tagged in an Airbase ticket for review/approval, along with TechOps, Security, Finance, and Legal.
  2. People Ops will confirm that we have headcount/approval for the role, then will complete the Airbase task assigned to the People Ops team.
  3. Other involved stakeholders have their own tasks (TechOps, Legal, Security). Once all teams have signed off on the requested vendor, People Ops must confirm:

Contracts: Whether we’re sending our contract or signing their MSA

  • This information should be provided in the airbase request . The Legal Team reviews the contracts and policies before hiring a contractor. If unsure, you can tag legal in a comment in airbase to confirm.
  • If we are sending our contract, legal will prepare it and the manager will send it via Docusign.
  • Once we have a signed contract (whether ours or theirs), upload it to GDrive and Bamboo

Background Check: Whether we are triggering a BGC

  • We must send a BGC if they will have access to private data/code AND if the vendor hasn’t already run a check that meets our requirements. The airbase request will say whether the contractor has already completed a BGC that meets our requirements. If yes, they’re all set. If no, and they have access to private data/code, we need to send the background check.
  • The People team sends/monitors background checks.

Equipment: Whether we’re shipping a SG laptop

  • Yes if they have access to private data/code
  • If unsure, you can tag security/tech ops in a comment in airbase to confirm.
  • The Security Team reviews the policies and risk level before hiring a contractor. Tech Ops ships laptop (if necessary).

Compliance Training: If we’re assigning Preventing Harassment and Discrimination training and Security Awareness trainings

  • Yes if they have access to private data/code
  • The People team is responsible for sending trainings and ensuring completion. Hourly teammates and anyone not in Bamboo must be manually created in Continu and sent compliance training.

Process St: Whether we’re triggering a Process St checklist

  • If the temp contractor does not have access to private data/code, we do not send a Process St Checklist.
  • If the temp contractor does have access to private data/code, align with the manager on their responsibilities and whether the Process St workflow will be necessary.
  • How to assign the Process St Workflow:
    • Run the Temporary Contractor workflow in Process St. 1 week prior to their start date, using the naming convention “First + Last Name - Contractor Onboarding”.
    • Fill out the Teammate Information task as soon as the workflow is run. Completing this task triggers automations to the other internal stakeholders involved in the transition.
  1. Once all other stakeholders have approved the vendor in airbase, People Ops will Send Welcome email (and contract if applicable)
  • Note: temp contractors do not: get announced at the company meeting, receive swag, create a new hire video/avatar photo, or complete an I-9.
  • Send onboarding email template
    • Link Process St if applicable
    • Include Payroll info in email/Process St: They will submit a W9 along with their first invoice, instead of an I-
    • Include system/access details. These are granted on a case-by-case basis. Tech Ops grants system access and can confirm for you which apply.
      • Google/Gmail
      • GitHub: if they need access to sourcegraph/sourcegraph
      • Slack: Can be added to select slack groups as needed, but don’t have access to all slack channels
      • BambooHR: if yes, create a limited BambooHR profile with the below info filled out, but do not grant BambooHR access or send a Bamboo onboarding kit.
        • Legal and Preferred first and last name
        • Teammate personal email and work email
        • Start Date
        • State/Country
        • Time Zone and Region
        • Employment Status
        • Job Info: Role Title (Include “- Temporary Contractor”), Department, Cost Center, Hiring Manager (Typically no division)
        • Compensation info (Typically no options, bonuses, or commission)
      • Lattice: if necessary for reviews, hourly teammates and anyone not in Bamboo must be manually added into Lattice, along with start date, manager, department, and title


Temporary contractors will not get access to any teammate budgets. This includes computers, home desk setup, travel, moving, professional development etc.