Leaving Sourcegraph

We value the contributions of every teammate, and have made a long term bet on you and your career by having you on the team. If you are considering leaving Sourcegraph, please share with your manager what would make you happy to stay (e.g. work on a different team/project, switch roles, change compensation) so that we can propose a plan to keep you on the team.

If you have decided to leave, please let your manager know as soon as possible so that we can begin to hand off your responsibilities to someone else. We will miss you and will be happy to provide references to your future employer for all of the awesome things that you accomplished at Sourcegraph.

Being removed from the team

We want everyone to be successful in their jobs and careers and we do our best to only extend offers to candidates who we believe will be successful on our team, but no hiring process is perfect and occasionally we need to part ways with a teammate.

You will be removed from the team if we observe a pattern of behavior that doesn’t meet the expectations for your role. Your manager will make it clear to you if you aren’t meeting expectations and will strive to give you feedback that will help you improve, but it is up to you to take ownership and begin making the necessary changes to prevent recurring incidents from putting your job at risk.

If, after thoughtful deliberation, we decide to remove you from the team, then your manager and a representative from People Ops will meet with you over video chat (we are an all remote team) as soon as possible to tell you that today is your last day. The decision will be final and it will be based on the feedback that has already been delivered to you, so we will not discuss or rehash the reasons. We will offer you a generous amount of money so that you don’t have to worry about paying bills as you look for your next job if and when you accept an agreement to not take legal action (and other standard departure terms) because we would rather give money to you and your family than to lawyers.

Hiring managers please see here for additional information on teammate departures, and please see our announcements page for information on how to notify the company.

Transfer of Information

In preparation for leaving the company, we ask that you try your best to transfer all relevant files to your manager by the time and date of your departure. If there exists any personally sensitive information within your Sourcegraph Gmail account, we ask that you remove this before your departure. Additionally, any files/documents owned by you will be transferred to your manager for re-assignment, and any incoming emails will be forwarded to your manager. The account will be permanently deleted after the successful transfer of files. As an exception to this rule, Sales team members’ accounts may be deemed necessary to remain open to account for historical email threads that are of importance to the current pipeline. Incoming emails to sales accounts will be forwarded to the appropriate point of contact.