Culture Meetings

The People Team meets with Sourcegraph teammates 1:1 on a regular, ongoing basis. These meetings are to gather insights about the individual teammate experience working at Sourcegraph and identify areas for culture improvement in order to increase sentiment and retention. The People Team will determine key themes in the feedback received and will advocate for/action improvements in the teammate experience.

Who we meet with

The goal is to meet with every teammate at least once throughout the year. Someone from the People team will reach out via Slack to confirm if teammates we willing and able to take a 20 minute meeting. The meetings are optional.

What is discussed

These conversations will vary as teammates will give feedback about their individual experience. Some of the main topics discussed are:

  • What is going well?
  • What could be better?
  • What keeps you at Sourcegraph?
  • Is there anything the People team or I could be doing better to support your better?

People Team Resources

People Ops Process Doc

Culture Meeting Google Form


Are these culture meetings required?

No, these meetings are an optional opportunity to give feedback to the People Team that will help us improve the teammate experience.

How long does a culture meeting take?

20 minutes.

Are the culture meetings anonymous?

Only the People Team has access to notes/insights from culture meetings.