Exit Survey & Meeting

After formally communicating your resignation via email, you’ll receive an invitation to complete an exit survey in Lattice. The exit survey contains the following themes and questions:

Company Outlook:

  • This company is headed in the right direction.
  • I would recommend this company as a great place to work.
  • I would consider returning to this company in the same role.
  • I would consider returning to this company in a different role.

Employee Experience:

  • Overall, I looked forward to work each day.
  • I had the opportunity to develop professionally here.
  • I was able to build meaningful relationships here.
  • I was able to regularly disconnect from work.
  • I felt that I was a valued member of our team.

Enablement and Training:

  • My role was described to me accurately before I joined this company.
  • My onboarding experience helped prepare me for this role.
  • I felt comfortable asking for help when I needed it.
  • Overall, I had the tools and training needed to do my job effectively.

Future Endeavors:

  • I plan to remain in the same industry as this company.
  • My future role keeps me on the same career trajectory as my role at this company.
  • The experience I gained in my current role was instrumental in helping to land my future role.
  • My future role allows me to utilize the skills and experience that I gained while in my current role.
  • My future role offers a more competitive compensation package.

Manager Effectiveness:

  • My manager communicated effectively and set clear expectations.
  • My manager regularly provided me with constructive feedback.
  • My manager took the time to discuss my career growth.
  • I would consider working with my manager again.

Responsibilities and Role Clarity:

  • My workload was reasonable given the expectations of this role.
  • I was able to clearly see how my work contributed to our team’s goals.
  • I was able to clearly see how my work contributed to our company’s goals.
  • I was encouraged to innovate and try new things, even if they failed.

Rewards and Recognition:

  • Giving praise and recognition is encouraged here.
  • I received the right amount of recognition for my work.
  • I was compensated fairly for my contributions.
  • Overall, I was satisfied with this company’s total rewards package (For example: benefits, equity, bonuses, etc.)


  • What were your top 3 reasons for joining Sourcegraph?
  • What are your top 3 reasons for leaving? (For example: Career Advancement, Career/Role Change, Leadership/Strategic Direction, Personal Reasons, Compensation/Benefits, Retirement, Role Not as Expected, Other - with an explanation).
  • Was there a specific moment or turning point that led to this decision?
  • What did you find the most rewarding part of your experience here?
  • What did you find the most challenging part of your experience here?
  • If applicable, what would need to change here before you consider returning?
  • How would you describe your experience working at this company in three words?
  • If you have already decided and are comfortable disclosing, which organization will you be joining in the future?
  • If you have already accepted a role elsewhere, what is your new job title?
  • If you have already accepted a role elsewhere, what is your new base pay?
  • We welcome any information you’re willing to share, including specific numbers or ranges (For example: $10-20k less per year, $10-20k more per year, about the same).
  • What advice do you have for Sourcegraph?
  • Anything else you’d like to share?

Additionally, a member of our People team will also reach out to schedule a live exit meeting. We ask that you complete the survey prior to the exit meeting. Our People team member will ask you about your reasons for leaving and your overall experience at Sourcegraph. Think of this as a deeper dive into your exit survey responses. While the exit survey is intended to capture quantitative data about why teammates leave, the exit meeting helps us capture qualitative data. The meeting is conversational.

Though both the exit survey and exit meeting are optional, we highly encourage your participation! By giving feedback as you’re leaving, you’ll help us continue to build an exceptional place to work so we can continuously grow.