Manager Guide - Delivering the Impact Review

Preparing to deliver impact reviews

Impact reviews will be delivered synchronously in a 1:1 between the Manager and their direct report. Each Manager is responsible for scheduling a 30 - 60 minute (recommended) meeting with each Teammate to deliver their review packet, along with any corresponding promotion or compensation increases. All conversations must take place no later than October 14 at the latest.

Checklist: before the impact review conversation

  1. Schedule a 30-60 minute 1:1
  2. Send a Slack message to your direct report:
    1. “Hi [Teammate Name] - I just sent you a calendar invite to walk through your impact review. During this conversation, we will discuss your self-review, along with the feedback that you received from me and your peers. Agenda:
      1. Overview of Impact Review Process
      2. Alignment on past performance: We will discuss your strengths and then your development areas. I will answer your questions and gather your perspective on your performance.
      3. Discuss future development: We will work together to plan ways in which you can meet development and career aspirations moving forward.
    2. Before the meeting, please review about our impact review processto set the stage for a meaningful conversation. Looking forward to it!”
  3. Review each Teammate’s full review packet 3. Review instructions on how to access the Teammate review packet
  4. Review Manager Guide: Delivering Performance Feedback and Having Difficult Conversations
  5. Review the Manager FAQ, where we’ve tried to anticipate any and all questions you may receive from a Teammate

Please remember - our Teammates are all unique - and they are what makes Sourcegraph unique! Consider key messages about each Teammate’s performance you want to impart during the review meeting.

  • What questions do you anticipate each Teammate might bring?
  • What accomplishments do you want to be sure to highlight?
  • How will you share growth opportunities clearly and in a way that is actionable?

The written impact review will support the conversation, but thinking through these questions in advance will help you arrive prepared for an impactful discussion.

Delivering the impact review

You’ll meet 1:1 with each of your direct reports to deliver the results of our impact review and calibration sessions.

During these meetings, you’ll cover the following with each Teammate:

  1. Overview of our impact review process
  2. Deliver the impact review, including sharing overall score in values & performance (please leverage the 9-box visual linked here)
    1. Share compensation increase (if any)
      1. Review supporting detail about how the compensation increase was determined
      2. _Review answer the question “how often is my compensation reviewed” _
        1. Review supporting detail on how to answer the question “why is my increase less than the rate of inflation”
    2. Celebrate promotion (if any)
    3. Click here to see Career Frameworks
  3. Have a forward-looking discussion: review your vision for your Team over the next 6-months, how the Teammate fits into that work, and longer-term (1+ year) exploration of Teammate’s career growth priorities and objectives. Discuss what you need to see from them to maintain, or improve their score. 3. If your Teammate is scored as “not meeting high bar” you will have a clear performance conversation. Read more about [navigating performance conversations.
  4. Leave 10-minutes to answer any questions from the Teammate](

Talking points for each topic listed above (overview of process, impact review read-through, compensation increase, and promotion, as well as discussing career growth) may be found in more detail at the bottom of this page.

Following up on the impact review session

Immediately following the 1:1, please:

  1. Share the impact review packet with the Teammate in Lattice
  2. Follow up via Slack notifying each Teammate you’ve shared the review packet and also share promo/compensation letters, if applicable.
    1. Sample Slack message for “Meeting or Exceeding High Bar” Teammates:

      “Hi [Teammate name] - thank you for meeting with me today to go over your impact review. [Add optional specifics for great work.] I’ve shared your impact review packet with you in Lattice [and, if applicable - and am also sharing here a letter outlining your compensation change].

    2. Sample Slack message for “Not Meeting High Bar” Teammates”:

      Hi [Teammate name] - thank you again I’ve shared your impact review packet with you in Lattice. We discussed some areas I’d like to see you improve in over the coming weeks and months. I’m looking forward to continuing our discussion in our future 1:1s, and helping you do great work here.

It’s not uncommon for questions to arise as you deliver the impact review to Teammates. Make a note of any questions or follow up needed, and commit to circling back during your next 1:1 session. If unsure of an answer to a question, please contact your People Partner.

Feedback and career growth conversations are ongoing, and not limited to our twice-yearly impact review cycles. Incorporating feedback given and received during an impact review into regular 1:1s presents a great opportunity to support Teammates making meaningful contributions to the Sourcegraph team, and to intentionally invest in their career development.

Talking points

Each review conversation will be different, and we expect all Managers to spend time in advance of the 1:1 preparing for the conversation.Consider how you will approach each conversation in advance - you may want to write a few bullet points leading up to the conversation to help you prepare.

For more on giving feedback to your direct reports in a clear, concise way, check out our page on Teammate Development.

Overview of our impact review process

Keep this brief by sharing our handbook page about the impact review cycle asynchronously prior to the meeting.

Share with the teammate:

  • Our impact review process includes 360 review feedback from you (in the form of a self evaluation), and your peers, in addition to the review I’ve written, which we’ll go over today
  • Part of the review process is a values/performance rating. We’ll discuss it today, but more information can be found in the handbook
  • I’ve met with my peers and my manager to calibrate ratings across the organization
  • We’ve also made compensation and promotion decisions as part of this process
  • Once we’re done with our meeting, I’ll share your review packet with you in Lattice (and compensation/promotion information, if applicable)
  • We will conduct this process every 6 months

Deliver the impact review

Next, screen share your review of the Teammate in Lattice and give a summary of the review. Highlight what went well with supporting examples, and areas for growth and improvement. Acknowledge where 360 feedback supports your review. Highlight specific examples of work in each section. Regularly pause for questions. This is a discussion - be open to feedback from the Teammate, but also do not debate.

At the conclusion of the review read through, share the Teammate’s calibrated performance/value score.

Communicating promotions

A Teammate receiving a promotion is cause for celebration and recognition, and recognizing promotions in #teammate-announce is one way to acknowledge our awesome Teammates! After the feedback period is complete (October 14th, 2022 for /Mid-year), Managers will share the good news with Teammates in #teammate-announce by highlighting the promoted Teammate and their accomplishments that supported their promotion.

Discussing the performance/value score

Teammates receiving 2:2 scores - talking points:

  • Sourcegraph holds a high bar for performance and demonstration of our values
  • We expect 70% of all Teammates to receive a 2 in both categories - a 2 score meets our high bar for performance and values
  • Most Teammates receive this score
    • If compensation increase: I’m pleased to share that you’ll receive a compensation increase of x% in recognition of your ongoing contributions to our team. I’ll share a document with you outlining details of your increase following our meeting.
  • You are a deeply valued member of our team. Let’s talk about our team’s work over the next 6 months, and how I see you fitting into that work. I’d also like to discuss your career goals longer-term, and opportunities we have to support that growth.

Teammates receiving a 1 in either category (values or performance) - talking points:

  • Sourcegraph holds a high bar for performance and demonstration of our values
  • We expect 20% of all Teammates to receive a 1 in either categories - a 1 score exceeds our high bar for performance and values
  • You are exceptionally valued here - your contributions are recognized by me, and by our leadership team
    • Specifically in this period, your work on [xyz] was exceptional, and [explain impact].
  • If promotion: Recognizing your contributions, and that you’re performing at the next level, I’m happy to share that you are receiving a promotion to [new title]
    • [Highlight 2-3 specific examples that factored into the promotion decision]
  • I’m pleased to share that you’ll receive a compensation increase of x% in recognition of your exceptional contributions to our team. I’ll share a document with you outlining details of your increase following our meeting.
    • If they would not have normally been eligible for a comp increase this cycle: While you would not have been eligible for a comp increase this cycle, I am giving a discretionary increase to recognize your exceptional work this period.
  • Thank you for your excellent work over the last 6 months. You are a deeply valued member of our team. Let’s talk about our team’s work over the next 6 months, and how I see you fitting into that work. I’d also like to discuss your career goals longer-term, and opportunities we have to support that growth.

Teammates receiving a 3 in either category (values or performance) - talking points:

  • Sourcegraph holds a high bar for performance and demonstration of our values
  • Unfortunately you are** not currently meeting our high bar** in [values and/or performance]
  • Today we discussed several examples where you were not meeting our high bar
  • I am committed to supporting you in meeting our high bar over the course of the next six months.
  • Let’s now discuss ways in which I can support you moving forward.

If you have questions about how to conduct this conversation with Teammates receiving a “3” please reach out to your People Partner for support.

How to have a career growth conversation**

The conclusion of the impact review is a great time to revisit on-going career growth conversations. Approach career growth with open-ended questions and curiosity. For more guidance on how to conduct meaningful career conversations, check out our Teammate Development page.

Communicating with Teammates on PTO or leave of absence

Communicate reviews and compensation increases or promotions upon each Teammate’s return from PTO or leave of absence. We highly recommend scheduling time with each Teammate now, for when they return.

Communicating with Teammates who were too new to participate in this cycle

Our impact review cycles are great times to catch up with all teammates on their career growth and aspirations. We recommend briefly acknowledging the impact review cycle in the next 1:1 you have with Teammates who are too new to Sourcegraph to have participated in this cycle. Give them a brief overview of the process, and let them know they’ll be reviewed early next year.


We’ve included some anticipated frequently asked questions below you may encounter when delivering the impact review and/or compensation results. If a Teammate asks a question and you’re not sure how to respond, let them know you’ll follow up, and reach out to your People Partner for assistance.

Our Compensation at Sourcegraph page also includes FAQs you may encounter during conversations with Teammates..

Q: How often does Sourcegraph provide merit increases?

  • A: We evaluate compensation twice yearly, aligned with the Impact Review Cycles. Compensation at Sourcegraph is designed to reward high performance. Our Teammates can expect to typically receive an increase at least once per year. High performance during a period may result in more frequent increases. Additionally, we regularly evaluate the external job market and may issue market increases to remain competitive. You can read more about our anticipated corresponding compensation increase % for each impact review score. Please note that these are estimates and we reserve the right to change these at any time.

Q: How do I know if I’m eligible for a merit increase?

  • A: Teammates who have not had an increase in >9 months are eligible for a merit increase if they have received a Skill and Values-based performance rating of at least “2” in both areas.

    Teammates can receive increases 2x per year for exceptional performance (a Skill or Values-based performance rating of “1”), but the expectation is that Teammates receive a comp review 1x per year.

Q: How do I know if I’m eligible for a promotion?

  • A: The following criteria support promotions:
    • A Teammate is already performing at the next level or job scope prior to promotion.
    • The business need exists for the role to increase in job scope, or capacity requirements show additional headcount at a higher job scope is required (IC5+ and M4+).
    • The promotion decision is occurring at a justified and fair rate.

Q: Why is my values/performance rating not in my review?

  • A: Managers, you may reach out to your People Partner to re-open the Lattice review and add the performance/values rating in Question 1.

Q: Inflation and the Consumer Price Index increased significantly in the past year. Why doesn’t my merit increase match increased inflation/CPI numbers?

Q: Where can I learn more about Compensation at Sourcegraph?

A: Information about Compensation at Sourcegraph is published in the handbook, and includes a set of compensation-specific FAQs.

Q: How do I access my promo/comp change letter?

A: Your manager will share your promo/comp change letter with you. After October 15, it will be uploaded to your Bamboo profile. Your compensation increase will also be reflected in your Bamboo profile on that date.

Q: When will my compensation and/or promotion go into effect?

A: 10/1

Q: When will I be able to see my compensation and/or promotion in Bamboo?

A: 10/14

Q: I disagree with my Impact Review rating. What should I do?

A: You should discuss your feedback with your Manager and People Partner. Your leadership team and People Partner will review your feedback and communicate a resolution/outcome to you.

Q: What’s the status of Sourcegraph’s compensation transparency project?

A: Sourcegraph’s Managers currently have access to our compensation and transparency project, and Soucegraph will share compensation band information with all Teammates following the conclusion of the Impact Review cycle.