My view on people

People are dynamic, ever-changing, and never fit into a box.

My career has been driven by finding out what makes people tick. This has always been a mystery to me since each of us is so inherently different. I love my role because I get to infuse People programs with space for people to bring their whole selves to work.

Preferred learning styles

I am a very hands-on learner. School was never interesting to me because it was hard for me to pay attention in lectures, and I preferred to get my hands dirty and figure things out for myself.

My best learning moments come from watching someone do something, then being given the opportunity to try it myself.

Communication style

  • I value context a lot. It helps me understand where a question is coming from, and how I can align with someone’s way of thinking to answer it.
  • I value direct communication and assertiveness. I believe that “clear is kind.”
  • I value being asked “why” and “how” I came to a decision. This helps me share my intention and the reasoning behind my thought process.

Preferred way to collaborate

I like to move fast and innovate when we collaborate. I think previous ways of doing things are simply suggestions, and rules are merely guidelines. I thrive in unstructured projects where a focus on the goals rather than the plans exists.

How I approach problems

I like to consider numerous varying perspectives and find that my best solutions come from talking to a handful of people about the same problem to understand different points of view on it. Insert my love of “informational interviews” here.

Preferred way to be recognized/appreciated

Words of affirmation is my work love language. I live for public praise, and it makes me feel so incredibly valued. Direct recognition is also equally meaningful to me. (Words mean a lot to me, which is why I’ve saved almost every card I’ve ever gotten in life.)

Thoughts/feelings/preferences when it comes to asking for help

I will freely ask for help or direction at any point. I also understand that asking for help can make people feel vulnerable, so I always feel honored when others have the vulnerability to ask me for help.

What I find enjoyable at work

Meeting with people and getting to know them on a human level. I love connecting with people and connecting those people to ideas/programs/other people that will elevate them in their personal and professional lives.

What kind of work do I find easiest to do when

I’m a morning person to the core and wake up early each day feeling highly energized. I find collaborative work to be easier in the morning, and heads down work to be easier in the afternoons.

How do I feel about getting messages after/outside of hours that are meant for me to see and respond to during active hours

I check Slack as a habit on my phone (i’m trying to be better) but respect my own time off and will mentally log the message and reply the next morning. I don’t want to set the expectation with anyone that dark hours are an ideal time to communicate unless it’s urgent.

How folks can best show up for me when I seem off

Ask me, “How are you really doing?” I will openly share information about myself, and we can have a conversation about if I’m feeling below the line that day.

Things I am aware of that trigger anxious feelings/feelings of less than at work

I struggle with anxiety and feel most anxious in the workplace:

  • When I don’t feel like I’m adding value
  • When I feel like my ideas aren’t being heard and received in alignment with my intent.
  • When the separation between my work life and home life are blurred. Boundaries are important to me.

Areas of knowledge

Work-wise: learning and development principles, employee recognition, mentorship, change management, communications strategy/crafting communications, synthesizing underlying themes in meetings to drive group progress, creating direction from ambiguity, moving ideas from ideation to execution.

Life-wise: how to craft the perfect dynamic workout schedule for your week, anything and everything about spin bikes/spin classes (in my previous corporate life I worked at SoulCycle and have since become a spin junkie.), indoor plants and outdoor gardening, how to care for two high maintenance cats, 2000’s pop culture, curating monthly Spotify playlists.

Areas of interest to learn

Becoming more patient. This is something I struggle with both inside and outside of work.

Current personal project

Learning how to make my house a home.

Something I fear

Large bodies of water and rollercoasters that do loops.

A quote I like

I like things to happen, and if they don’t happen, I like to make them happen. -Winston Churchill

How I eat fries

Dream fries: In-n-out Animal style fries, no cheese, well done. [aka overcooked french fries that are super crispy with house-made special sauce and grilled onions on top.]

My sun, moon, and rising signs

Capricorn sun, Libra moon, Cancer rising.

My enneagram

8w7: The Nonconformist