My view on people

I see the People function as being at the heart of creating an environment where people feel supported and as a result, are able to thrive and be successful in their roles while doing their best work.

It’s a privilege to be in a position to advocate for others and be at the core of creating a company culture and teammate experience that people can be proud of.

Preferred learning styles

I learn best by reading or writing, and absorb information best when there is something written in front of me– an agenda, instructions, a list, or even a short summary outlining what is being discussed or presented.

Communication style

I prefer to have time to think about and prepare for a discussion, in advance (if possible). When speaking in real-time, I tend to acknowledge and respond with my immediate thoughts in that moment, but chances are my wheels are still turning! I will often follow up with additional thoughts, questions, suggestions after a live meeting or when I’ve more fully processed it.

Preferred way to collaborate

I feel most comfortable in 1-1 collaboration and asynchronous group collaboration, but I’m definitely open to hopping in a Zoom and knocking something out right away if the situation calls for it.

How I approach problems

I identify potential outcomes, find the most ideal solution or avenue, and then work backwards from there. As I start to work through something (especially if it’s new to me), I appreciate sounding board conversations to get different perspectives and suggestions.

Preferred way to be recognized/appreciated

I don’t mind public recognition, but I feel most comfortable with 1-1 recognition or appreciation (live or written). I also love a good gif or emoji thread :)

Thoughts/feelings/preferences when it comes to asking for help

I like to be transparent when I don’t know something and my default is try to figure it out myself first, but I’m also working on being more conscious about seeking help early on if I’m encountering blockers.

What I find enjoyable at work

I’ve always enjoyed working on a variety of projects and cross-collaboration since it gives me an opportunity to explore different disciplines and connect with people across the org.

What kind of work do I find easiest to do when

I tend to be more socially “on” in the first half of the day and prefer to have meetings during the morning and early afternoon. When my social battery starts to run low in the latter half of the day and when the world around me starts to settle down (usually late afternoon and evening) is when I do my best heads-down/focus work.

How do I feel about getting messages after/outside of hours that are meant for me to see and respond to during active hours

I don’t mind receiving messages outside of my active hours– I may not respond at that particular hour but will respond when I’m active and get the opportunity to.

How folks can best show up for me when I seem off

If you notice I’m off, especially if it seems to be affecting you and/or others– I appreciate when folks can bring it up to me. Sometimes having someone on the outside acknowledge it can help me take a step back and reevaluate whether I’m in the right place and mindset.

Things I am aware of that trigger anxious feelings/feelings of less than at work

If someone is not direct with me about expectations or interactions. I really value when someone directly addresses a point of tension so we can acknowledge it and work through it.

Areas of knowledge

Work-wise: Global work, People policy creation, Benefits, HR systems management (BambooHR, Remote)

Life-wise: Chicanx history and literature, stress-baking

Areas of interest to learn

Continuing to learn more about equitable People policies and practices, People partnering, and globally scaling workforces.

Current personal project

Creating the perfect moody Spanglish playlist and rewatching the Sailor Moon series.

Something I fear

Not being able to make a positive impact on the work I’m doing or the community/environment I’m a part of.

A quote I like

“I have to understand what my strengths and limitations are and work from a true place” - Sandra Cisneros

How I eat fries

With mustard (preferably spicy)– please don’t come for me.

My sun, moon, and rising signs

Sagittarius sun, Pisces moon, and Gemini rising.

My enneagram

Enneagram type 6: The Loyalist